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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Waiting and vaping

We are still waiting for the delivery that was promised between 8:00am and noon yesterday. Today we are all three on the couch 'cause it's raining outside and there are no birds at the feeder for the cat and the dog hates rain.

Yesterday after flurries of texts and phone calls the previous day from some delivery company called D something D, nothing happened except more texts and phone calls telling us today is the day instead. Our delivery will arrive today between 8:00am and noon. Yes?

Don't know who D something D is - but as Mandela said "They are all gong and no dinner".

So I'm waiting and vaping....

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I don't need science - the cat tells me

I've been sitting waiting for a delivery with our cat on my lap. We watch the birds at the bird-feeder swaying in the magnolia tree in the garden. There is a female blackbird on the ground underneath the feeder picking up fallen seeds. How do I know she's a female blackbird? Well - she's brown of course!

The cat tells me he would find her delicious by the small quivering of his lips and the longing look in his eyes. He gazes up at me. Can he catch her? No, you can't!

I take another draw on my PV and exhale a cloud of vapour around pussy's trusting face. Except for watching the eddies of the vapour, he lies still. I try switching flavours from Cream to Irish Cream. Another cloud. Another curious gaze into the little twists of vapour rising up. Now I try Lemon Meringue Pie. Neither flavour nor vapour makes any difference to the cat. His claws contract and open as he stretches, too lazy to hunt, and loving my attention.

I don't need science telling me about second hand vapour - the cat tells me everything I need to know. If it had been cigarette smoke he would have run like hell!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

TESCO - please watch and weep!

It's about time someone spoke up! Well done Bobby - and thank you.- had a good laugh! Still drying my eyes.
Bobby's review

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Laugh - we're nuts!

I was Reading this blog about beer not being served in a pint measure by LEGISLATION!  I felt a pall of despondency  cloak me. I think we've gone legislation insane!

Of course this pint ban is New Zealand  but legislation insanity is an epidemic  The UK has it  to a terminal extent, with the EU making sure we don't recover.

There's no solution - we're nuts!

But some things are good for a smile....

How about THIS for a story on beer - (from a New Zealand newspaper, just to be fair!)  Quote - "The word combination contains no semantic indication that could refer to a certain person or group of persons. Nor does it incite a particular act"

Thank goodness I vape and don't have to order beer.  Scott Bonner's "Big penis tank vid". is a laugh enough for me...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Switchback testing

My switchback arrived from the USA. Very interesting thing really. Currently, as the weather is brilliant it is undergoing dog-walk-testing and weeding-the-garden-testing. For a small thing shoved in one's pocket, it passes when there are no cartomisers attached. But it's a fiddly-parp-about having to screw one in to vape with.

Mine is bright metallic red - which can easily be found amongst the weeds if I happen to put it down somewhere. Butterflies seem to like it....

More rigorous testing ongoing today as there is a great ball of fire in the sky which is little seen hereabouts, but I have heard it described as a "sun".

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Oh dearie me was WORTH it!

I wrote a post called "Oh dearie me" mourning the fact I felt duty-bound to get off my couch and do some campaigning against a 20 metre high telecommunications mast to be erected in our village, terrorising my neighbours and ruining the view. Well, I did. I nearly killed myself with the effort! On voting day I was leaning over the fence calling to voters to come and sign our petition against "the tower".  I was cold and miserable but vaping kept me going! Dual coil tank on a large battery - deeee-li-cious!

Today two of us attended the planning meeting. Democracy at it's best! One of us was allowed to speak for 3 minutes to state our objections verbally - though they had already been submitted in writing. Our speaker was brilliant....THOSE plans were refused - 11 refusals, 1 abstention and 1 undecided.


Trouble is, next month (probably) they'll submit a whole new lot of plans....oh dearie me!

But we won't give up, because we are WORTH it.

and, by the way, I victory-vaped in the Planning Headquarters loo! It felt great.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oh dearie me

Oh, dearie me. I'm a really lazy person just like everyone else. But I'm going to have to get off my couch and DO something.

I'm going to have to get a clipboard and a pen and a petition going around the neighbourhood against the 20metre high microwave mast that is most probably going to be erected close to us in this lovely tranquil valley. I'm going to have to organise a REVOLT! It's got to be bigger and better than the one we just did, because no-one is taking any notice. The mast-erecting company is bigger, more powerful and wealthier than we are. And they probably bribed their way into this atrocity.

I have noticed that here, in the UK, "democracy" is only a word bandied about but not actually practiced. Minority groups like smokers, vapers, residents are so easily put down by "authority". Well, stuff them. At least when the mast goes up, I can say I really did try to stop it.