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Friday, 26 August 2016

My private vaping life

I can hardly bring myself to write this blog any more.

My private vaping life is very happy. But I can hardly think about it in the big picture of the "world out there" without getting distressed.

The "world out there" has gone bonkers!

In the "world out there", I am feeling more and more disappointed and out of step, out of touch, and disillusioned.

The first thing I see is that vaping itself, is running away from me. It's hooked into consumerism.

I've always hated the idea that us humans are taken advantage of by people who promote "the latest version" or "the latest fashion" and all the one-upmanship that humans are silly enough to want.

Every day, there is a new tank, a new box-mod, and a myriad of "new" devices  that are not much different to all the others out there.  I cannot keep up! What do these things offer us? They offer more vapour at higher wattages on different wires, or easier to build atomisers. But basically they are all the same.

I don't buy them!  I stick to the setup that has given me pleasure, however old fashioned it is. Why does our pleasure change - do we think we can get more pleasure if we get the latest stuff? So I'm disappointed that vaping has become a huge operation to part us from our money when what we already have satisfies most of us already.

We are now pushing into new areas of vaping - pushing boundaries. Pushing the boundaries to the habit of vaping, might make US the ones who look bonkers. I don't want that.

And also....

Sub ohming costs!

Not only is it hugely wasteful of e liquid, and battery power so that it is a mug's practice, but if there are going to be any dangers to vapers from vaping, I see possible future problems in inhaling direct-to-lung such huge quatities of vapour that the vaping-antis in "the world out there", can eventually say "We told you so". I don't want that either.

I am really disappointed that the whole idea of substituting smoking with vaping has been so badly received in the world. This is, to my mind, the continuation of the Tobacco Control chicanery, and I have watched how science was used as a weapon against smokers. And again in just as dishonest a fashion against vaping. Every bit of twisted science against vapers, is not actually against us - we already vape - but it is a direct act against smokers, so that they fear vaping, fear smoking, feel guilty for what they do. and it will stop them becoming vapers.

Tobacco Control is an evil industry. It doesn't want a world of vapers. It is feeding off its prey - smokers - just enough to keep smoking going and the Tobacco Industry functioning, so that the Tobacco Control Industry future is assured.

To me, they are far more evil than the Tobacco Industry, which, at least, are honest about their intention to be a profitable industry. They kept me in cigarettes, which I loved, for 50 years. They provided me a great deal of pleasure. On the other hand, Tobacco Control have pretended to have my best interests at heart but they have schemed, planned, purposefully made up stories, ruined great swathes of the economy, twisted people's minds, abused people, and fed off unearned monies - our money - to support themselves. And are still seeking, at all costs, to protect their very profitable industry by peddling fear - charitably of course!

The information that they have churned out about smoking, second hand smoke and now, vaping, makes me not believe a word they say. And no sane person should.

If there was no Tobacco Control Industry, vaping would have been well received in "the world out there".

Recently, I have been playing with my old vaping toys. Some were truly terrible. They are the ones that are "favoured" as smoking quitting aids by you-know-who - Tobacco Control. They did get me off smoking. But they did not keep me off smoking. And that is more important.

The way smokers can STAY off smoking is with the devices that have been developed for our pleasure now. The ones that the evil ones are trying to bury.

I've got old and grumpy, obviously, for I can't be doing with double speak of any kind.

About vaping I don't do words like  "Harm reduction" "Public Health" "Smoke Free" "Vaping Saves Lives" and all the other memes they use in "the world out there".

About vaping, I am very sure. of the words I would use. They are the very same I used when I was a smoker and can be completely interchanged.

I love smoking. Smoking gives me pleasure. My peak moments are celebrated with a cigarette. Smoking helps me think. I love the smell of cigarettes. I couldn't imagine life without smoking. Smoking is the best pleasure of my life.

This became -

I love vaping. Vaping gives me pleasure. My peak moments are celebrated with a vape. Vaping helps me think. I love the smell of vaping. I couldn't imagine life without vaping. Vaping is the best pleasure of my life.

Every smoker should have the chance to say that, and in a world without constant legislative meddling at the behest of the Evil Ones - Tobacco Control - they would have.

SHAME on the Evil Ones - SHAME on you!

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