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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Vaping is doomed

I haven't blogged for a while

Mainly I haven't blogged because I'm beginning to think it is pointless - vaping is doomed. I listened to Russ Wishtart's broadcast, Click, Bang! Tuesdays at 9:00pm EST, which I do often, and recently he put one out called "Vaping is doomed". It was about the situation in the USA.

But I think vaping is doomed all over the world.

And the reason I think it is doomed is because science has become so corrupt in its modern form that it is being used to promote agendas, politics, corporations, academics, dogma, creeds, ideologies and interested parties. And the powerful who want to use it for their own benefit have loads of money to fund it.

Scientists and academics themselves are slagging each other off - we can see that in Public Health here in the UK, where Clive Bates and Robert West and others are fighting against the more rigid anti tobacco groups that infect the political system here with prohibitionism of all kinds. They do it on "behalf" of vapers. Yet they themselves are part of Tobacco Control. And as I have said before on many occasions, Tobacco Control is the problem.

Tobacco Control has been a huge twister of real truth through science in its push. or should I say putsch to reconfigure society not to smoke.  Clive Bates and Robert West and all the other anti tobacco Public Health employees were a part of that very suspect science - and they still are.

The first World Health Organisation report on Second Hand Smoke was buried because it showed advantages to SHS but it is extant and can still be found online. Smokers were told their lungs were black. All diseased lungs are black. But healthy smokers lungs are the same as anyone else's. Nicotine was demonised and all sorts of untruths about it were put about. But it seems embarrassingly, they were not true. Smokefree's adverts offered here in the UK every year are a disgusting form of twisted science inducing fear into everyone who sees them - even children. Anti Tobacco has caused real suffering in families torn apart by their propaganda, people my age, and older people, prisoners, psychiatric patients, hospital patients and families, visitors,  workers, holiday makers, pubs and the hospitality industry. No amount of rubbish science can show that we are happier, or better off because of it. Tobacco Control has been a vicious harmer of people in a world that was already smoking less in the West. Yet still we smoke despite them.

Tobacco Control, in all its forms - even the very profitable so-called harm reduction section are morally dessicated by their crusade. Any group, fired with fundamentalist ideas, become passionless about the suffering of those they wish to convert/control and never question how it was the facts of their ideology developed.

Smokers opinions and the real facts about smoking have been extinguished by media presstitutes under pressure from Tobacco Control. People continue to smoke. How many do? We'll never know. The only figures are from anti smoking clinics in the UK.

I look upon smokers as my friends. But they do not see me as theirs. I am a vaper.

Vaping is doomed because the same people are in control as those that have persecuted smokers.

The corrupted science continues - but THIS time, its about vaping.

This should prove to any vaper that what they believed about smoking, might be questionable. Question it!

Today, I was censored when I tried to upload my vaping video to Facebook.  But it hadn't yet appeared on Facebook! So the message is total bullshit. I suspect it was because it was about vaping - specifically, mixing. Smokers who try to speak about smoking have their comments removed, their articles rejected and are otherwise muzzled by the media. I think it's coming soon to vapers. It will come to us per kind favour of the World Health Organisation's Tobacco Control Directive's sharing and advertising regulations.

 Yup - vaping is doomed.