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Tuesday 5 May 2015

Skulduggery, and insanity! Vapers in the UK, I'm voting UKIP

I have lost all faith in our political parties in the UK as I have watched them parade across our TV screens in the run-up to our general elections.

We have seen a range of idiots and puppets, parroting their dogma and creeds, bad mouthing other politicians, scaring the citizens, and never ever, ever, EVER answering questions in a straight unguarded way. I'm sick of it.

Now, in these last desperate days, we see them kissing the babies of the "hardworking" (if I hear that again I am going to go doolally) British workers, visiting building sites, schools and small "hardworking" businesses. All our politicians speak with forked tongues.  To me, they are all fake, terrified to be real. They need their jobs. Politics is just an industry now. The political parties need to hold onto their power.

They run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. And snarl, and snap, and bite.

They fear. Voters who do not see their skulduggery must be blind.

I think Tobacco Control, has, in a similar manner, become a laughing stock. Shrivelled officials with glittery eyes, run about, scaring the people about the dangers of enjoying tobacco. They have incited hate and self righteousness in their followers who turn on friends, family and strangers. They have evicted smokers into the full glare of outside where they can be seen and shamed, and that too must be stopped in case the children "see". If there were proper smoking rooms, the children would be saved!

Smokers, smoking and tobacco is REAL. To pretend no one does it, is equivalent to the prudery of the Victorians who covered table legs, because they were legs. Children should know about the real world. In school, they are told about "legs" and sex, so why can't they be told about smoking, and leave the smokers alone? They do not need to indoctrinate children to become frightened clones of Tobacco Control - the new persecution brigade.

The medical profession should not be repeaters of their doctrines either. And they should definitely not be paid to send smokers to smoking cessation on behalf of anyone. Or aid the persecution.

But the true colours of the Tobacco Control Industries are being exposed with how they are lying about vaping.

They fear losing control, losing their goals, failing even. It would be a ghastly thing for them if those who enjoy using tobacco, could do it safely, by inhaling nicotine on vapour instead. Citizens who do not see their viciousness against vaping are blind to it because they have already believed what they have said about smoking.

The world here in the UK, for me, has become a mean-spirited place. It is the only world I have. Tobacco Control made me a recluse. It made me horrified at the power of social engineering as put into place by Government puppy dogs running at their side. It has been shameful to watch. Society has become damped down, bland, dull, depressed, dun. Where is the old vigour?  Or is it just me getting old?

The young people I know, all obey the rules. They are astonished to find out that once, you could smoke anywhere - anywhere! (except in church). Some young folk I know, have never been in a church. They have had a secular education, with a new Satan being - smoking. And they believe in "science". They do not realise there is real science and also science practised to prove a pre-accepted theory, or science used corruptly.  I am hoping some young people will begin to realise how they have been taken in, are being taken in, by that kind of "science".

I hope that the insanity of the Tobacco Control Industry is shown up for the totalitarian, deformed, twisted thing it is. I don't personally know how to do that.

But a good start would be to have the smoking ban re-assessed, to allow smokers back indoors, to allow British pubs to thrive, to allow the hospitality industry to take back ownership of their own properties, and to stop the persecution of smokers in general. As a vaper, I don't mind in the least, sitting with smokers smoking. I only vape because I prefer it to smoking. I never bought in to the Second Hand Smoke myth. And washing my evening-out clothes is no trouble - I have a washing machine!

But young vapers have already been indoctrinated. They do not know better.

So there is no political party I can vote for that has any regard for smokers. And regard for smokers is crucial to how we are treated as vapers. The only person, who, in this whole drawn-out election pantomime that has talked real, been real and spoken about real things, is Nigel Farage.

So if Tobacco Control becomes parasitic on UKIP, smokers will have no one to put their hope in, but until then, THIS election, I am voting UKIP.

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