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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Conflicting vapers, smokers and the rest of the world

We live in very interesting times. Since the 1920's we have been manipulated by propaganda. Though the euphemism for propaganda is "public relations" or "marketing" now. Last century spawned new industries that promoted themselves using Edward Bernay's propaganda techniques. "In his later years, beginning in the early 1960's, he was a public opponent of smoking and took part in anti-smoking campaigns." He advised ASH USA on how they could re-engineer society to marginalise smokers. Their techniques have been immoral to say the least.

Propaganda is used to manipulate our minds - your mind and my mind. It is very difficult to escape. How we think is the sum total of all the propaganda that surrounds us. Propaganda is unethical by the fact that it is an attempt to control the way we think - to change us. It offers us a reality that profits the promoter.

Now that we have Mass Media, the Internet, and Social Networking propaganda can be spread more easily, and also refuted more easily. For the first time we ordinary people have the power to question, challenge and protest it. The first step in protecting ourselves from propaganda is to be aware. This series is eye opening - The Century of the Self which you can get in full 4 parts on Vimeo or Daily Motion but not on YouTube. 

Propaganda is used by all the "new" Industries - The Advertising Industry, The Health Industry, The Public Health Industry, The Drug Industry, The Anti Tobacco Industry, The Government/State Corporation, The Industry of Politicians, The Fashion Industries, Manufacturing Corporations from Cosmetics to Weapons. and their mouthpiece is the Mass Media. The Government/State can force citizens to conform by legislation. 

Independent minds are often able to perceive propaganda for what it is. But others, law abiding people, have trouble sorting out what is real, and what is propaganda. These people, you and me, are the ones that can be easily be conflicted by propagandists. We see it so clearly right now as regards to vaping and smoking. Anti Tobacco are disseminating propaganda that makes even vapers feel nervous. I say "Hold your nerve! You are in the presence of propaganda where truth is coated with lies."

All the advisors, academia, medical lobby groups/government subsidised charities and government organisations that propagandise, do so to ensure their future existence. Without their "expertise" there would be no "evidenced based" facts. The trouble is many of these groups are corrupt themselves, products of propaganda from other groups who profit again. The coating of lies could fall away if the people demanded it. 

The MHRA is one of these corrupt groups, in league with The Drug Corporations and I hope you will sign the petition to The House of Commons to have them disbanded. They are NOT the vapers' friend, They are NOT the friend of the people of Britain.

Society is being conflicted by propaganda from all sides. It takes a strong person to hold their course in the storms of opinions that engulf them. It's hard to find the truth.

Vaping is good? Vaping is bad? Vaping is safer than smoking? Smoking is safer than vaping? Smoking is bad - that's why we vape? Smoking is fine but we'd rather vape? vaping is fine, but we'd rather smoke? Nicotine is a deadly poison? Nicotine is as bad as caffeine? Sub ohming is fine? Sub ohming produces toxins? High temperatures are fine? High temperatures are bad? Flavours are safe? Flavours are bad? Tanks are safer than cartos? Glass? Plastic? Wool wicks? Wire wicks? Drip or not to drip?

We need to remember that even the Vaping Industry is using propaganda on us too. Fashions among us are being sculpted by those who will profit from the latest craze. 

And those who observe are conflicted about us. We need to be controlled, stopped, discouraged and reined in lest we run wild. 

Experienced vapers using the latest gear, need to be diplomatic to those smokers just starting out on their vaping adventure, lest they discourage or humiliate them.

We should hold no conflict with smokers, who we ourselves are, and keep in mind that many of our opinions have been formed through the propaganda of Tobacco Control.

We should not make conflict with the rest of the world by being obnoxious about their ignorance on matters of vaping, nor show off our clouds or gizmos in places where they could make the rest of the world fearful of us.

We might feel conflicted ourselves about our vaping habit, and need to remember that any guilt we feel has been artificially induced through course propaganda by the powerful. Above all, we should remind ourselves that smoking in all its forms has been a cherished activity of humans since we climbed down from trees and that the best thinking in history has been done among groups of humans smoking, from ancient times, to 17th century coffee houses, to the now empty pubs and clubs of Britain. 

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