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Thursday 20 August 2015

MY future with vaping.

On a personal level, I find it quite suspicious that the UK Health Department have suddenly come out "for" vaping. The conspiracy theory part of me, wonders whether there is an ulterior motive. When you look at the graph of the efficiency of various quit products put out by the UK Stop Smoking Services, vaping shows up as being the most successful method. This is without ANY support for vapers and vaping from them.

vaping cessation

The red line here, represents profit and success, whilst the demand for their gums and patches, Chantrix and inhalers - and services - is dwindling. But the profit and success is not for them. Consumers - that's US - have done this.  So the question is - why wouldn't they want a piece of the pie?

I don't care if they make little medically approved vapourisers that, by the time all the licences are granted, will be outdated, outmoded and obsolete, as long as they don't mess with the REAL stuff. MY stuff.

As members of the EU, we have to conform to their rulings don't we? When the EU Article 20 hits us next May 2016, I might not be able to get MY stuff. Where will I buy it? I might not be able to make MY movies. I already got one of my movies censored by Facebook on the grounds that "some people" would find it offensive. Offensive? Offensive? A little old lady promoting vaping? HA!

So I'm making my own plans. I make my own e liquid already. I can roll atties, but hate the faff. I have mechanical mods that take batteries not under control of Article 20.

I will buy on the black market which I'll actively seek out through my vaping connections. Article 20 will make the black market huge and efficient. I'm relying on that. Vapers will make sure the black market offers decent, safe stuff. We will take consumer control ourselves whilst operating deep underground.

I will continue to promote vaping to smokers with my illegal products on my movies on YouTube, even though such channels be banned. But in each movie I shall wear a hat. My movies will be categorised in "hats".  They will be called things like "My sub ohming hat" or "My hat for the xxx tank" or "My hat for switching from smoking to vaping".

I will review the outdated, outmoded and obsolete Stop Smoking Services products and call them outdated, outmoded and obsolete, if they are.

I fear that vaping will continue to be banned indoors and outdoors, so I will carry on with my support for smokers to have the smoking ban re-assessed. And point out that the harms caused by second hand smoke are untrue but were put about as a weapon to motivate the public to hate smokers. I will continue to point out that Anti-Tobacco has morphed into a huge, profitable industry that is wiley and devious.

Is this new vaper-friendly attitude by the Department of Public Health to do with vapers - or really just another weapon  to bludgeon smokers?  Is it preparation for the implementation of Article 20?

Why do YOU think there is this sudden turnaround supporting electronic cigarettes?

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