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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Facebook has blocked my account - and I'm not co-operating with them to get it back

If you follow me on Facebook, my account has been blocked.

I'm on Google+ and YouTube and Twitter.

But I won't be on Facebook.

The rules on Facebook are that you have to use your authentic name. Well, only my friends know my authentic name. If I used it for my Facebook Vapingpoint account, NO ONE would know who the hell I was!

I will not co-operate with Facebook by providing my authentic name, my mobile phone number, my home phone number, photos of my ID card (if I had one), or any other details.

We have been emailing each other for days now.

I have provided loads of ID images that I'm known as Vapingpoint - and also Vapingpoint Liz and also Vapingpoint Lliz ! But we are at an impasse.

So I'm out.

Stuff Facebook.

I'll have to rely on my followers to post my videos, blogs and things to Facebook instead - I hope you will, will you?

All my mail is still coming through from my account, so I hope I can still see all the wonderful stuff that people are posting... not sure.

So thanks Facebook followers - and there are a LOT! It's been lovely knowing you.

I am still at Vaping for the over sixties on YouTube

Vapingpoint on Twitter

Vapingpoint Liz Google+

Vapingpoint PAGE on Google+

My email address is vapingpoint(at)gmail(dot)com

Keep safe, stay private, and vape on!

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