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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Round and round we go

Since I have had my Facebook account blocked, my stats have dropped on my blog. This doesn't really disturb me, as I don't do this blog for stats - though seeing that people are reading it, is comforting. Originally this blog was a way to share my delight in vaping.

I have delighted in vaping. It's been my favourite thing. A pearl. A treasure. A fun hobby. In the beginning I bubbled over with joy about it.

Very soon, as the hobby of vaping grew "mainstream" and more people were doing it, I was appalled that SOME people thought it was bad. The first wisp of astonishment was when my daughter said to me "Our local pub won't "allow" vaping as they say it normalises smoking."

As someone who has endured all the persecution dished out to smokers, to find my pearl classed as something undesirable, triggered all my pain.

This blog became pain-filled.

Then our rulers took on vapers and vaping, and from 2012 onwards we contacted MP's, MEP's, and even Brussels. This blog became a protest blog.

But our community of vapers changed - the invisible delight in vaping for vaping's sake that bound us all together, became two ply. One strand, repeated the dogma and creed of Tobacco Control in their efforts to escape the blows of our masters. They had been brainwashed by their persecutors. One could call it a sort of smoking Stockholm syndrome where the victim forms a bond with their tormentor.

The second strand in the two ply of vapers that became obvious in those days, were those, like me, who believed the problem with the vaping situation, stemmed from the attitude of our masters to smoking. Many of us were older and remembered the days of freedom when smoking was normal.

In actual fact, smoking IS normaL Almost a quarter of all people in the UK smoke. That's millions of people.

So my blog went round and round on the problem of Tobacco Control and it's viciousness. It became viscious when it promoted the idea that second hand smoke from smokers was harming other people IN OPEN SPACES and that smoking should be denormalised. At this point, bells should ring in every sane person's head, that our rulers had lost the plot, and that Tobacco Control was not about health, but about ideology.

So, round and round we go here. The reason vapers are in the shit in Wales, in specified areas, in many countries to a worse degree than the UK - Australia for instance, is TOBACCO CONTROL.

We need to keep free from repeating anything they say when it comes to estimated statistics on the millions of lives, "lost" to smoking, or "saved" by vaping.  They are simply guesses. We really have no idea what deaths are caused by smoking - or by something else. When my husband or I die, our deaths will be recorded as smoking related, even though my husband stopped smoking thirty something years ago. He is down as a passive smoker. So my smoking will have killed him. Yet the effects of Second Hand Smoke are still unproven. The dangers of SHS was adopted by Tobacco Control as an anti smoking meme before ANY actual research had been done. And from there, as a given, all else followed. Why will MY heart attack be smoking related and YOURS, as a never smoker, not be - even though I might live to ninety three, and you die at fifty?

Those, in Tobacco Control, who are our "friends", are still guilty of crimes against the people.  They do not suggest that smokers should be considered in any way - in fact they still hound smokers. What other organisation would be allowed, in this modern age, to be so outright in its persecution of any other group? They have instilled fear, shame, broken families apart and changed our economy for the worse through manipulation and lies. Tobacco Control has become a huge self perpetuating industry - that is still perpetuating itself by all means possible - but always in disregard for smokers.

So, round again to smokers. The treatment of smokers is the origin of our vaping problems. Vaping has been picked up as a method to stop people smoking, but I point out, vaping is a SUBSTITUTE for smoking. Anti smokers hate that, yes? Vaping is enjoyable to us, like smoking was.

The enemy of our friends - smokers - is our enemy too.

And so, round again to Facebook. Our communication has got comical. I asked for them to close my account as I couldn't do it myself, being unable to log on to do it. I then got an email saying THEY couldn't close my account, but if I gave my authentic name, as requested, then I could do it. So again, round and round.  They tell me I can have a page for my "business". But I'm not a business! Nor am I a Tobacco shill. I'm just me.

Facebook now says -
Well, I suppose that's better than the time they labelled my Facebook site as "offensive" because someone had complained about what it was promoting - vaping!

So round and round and round we go - damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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