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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Global Nicotine Forum - an inconvenient truth

Here is the Programme  being discussed at The Global Nicotine Forum that is happening in Warsaw in June 2016

The only talk that would interest ME is on the last day. "Are vaping advocates throwing smokers under the bus by making alliances with public health? Luc Van Daele (EVUN, Belgium)"

In my cynical way, I would assume that after a whole conference of all sorts of academics and public health employees offering their nuggets to a crowd of like minded people, the answer will be "no".

I note that the whole conference is REALLY about stopping people smoking,

Surely a The Global Nicotine Forum, should have some representative from smokers? A smoker's representative with an armoury of evidence could have much to say about how NICOTINE now has to have a Global Nicotine Forum because nicotine was the ingredient demonised by The Tobacco Control Industry as being THE thing that caused all of a smoker's ills, including their addiction. More or less the whole world repeats the myth, like parrots in a zoo.

So The Global Nicotine Forum is discussing how to get nicotine to the world, without a smoker attached!

The quickest way to use nicotine as a recreational "drug", is to smoke.

Tobacco Control and Public Health did a really poor job of making smoking safer for smokers. Instead of wasting their money on the science of safer smoking, (like using proper natural tobacco for instance or inventing an electronic device) they have used billions to construct a society that believes nicotine causes cancer, that smoker's lungs are black with tar, and that Second Hand Smoke will strike people down at a whiff. And that smokers are disgusting prey that can be hunted down, with taxes, bans, and eventually, extinction.

The Global Nicotine Forum is about ways to hunt and kill smokers. Most - or all - of the speakers are experts in that.

Yesterday I felt really cross that vapers might have "frightened" delegates last year, with "fog banks" of vapour. This is the time we should be really well mannered EVERYWHERE, I felt, because we are being judged.

It's judgement time for vapers.

Smokers have already been judged.

Last year, delegates didn't like "the fog banks" they had to endure, especially in smaller sessions, But, it turns out that reliable witnesses who were AT The Global Nicotine Forum last year, say there was NO "fog bank" last year.

But this year The Global Nicotine Forum is setting rules for vaping.

So, my cynical self, thinks that due to the mind-set of most - if not all - the delegates of the conference, being that of Tobacco Control - the group that intends to extinguish smokers completely, worldwide, by any means possible, it doesn't seem so surprising that vapers are being given tokens of permissions to practise their habit of vaping.

I am sure that vaping is becoming an inconvenient truth.
You are free to vape in the networking and public areas, but please be discreet and considerate.
Use low powered devices as it helps to keep the amount of vapour created to a minimum.
If you want to blow clouds there will be a terrace available on the same floor as the conference takes place, or please go outside the venue."

And us vapers will say "Yes Sir" just like smokers did before us.