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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The friends of your enemies are not your friends

As a smoker who smoked for fifty years, I was emotionally traumatised by the actions of the new so called Tobacco Control industry that arose about twenty years ago in my life when I was first confronted by it in the UK.

Before that I was living in Africa - I smoked Rothmans. People could smoke anywhere. You either smoked, or you didn't smoke. But there were a growing number of people in my work - teaching - who didn't smoke. They didn't like "the smell". They just got disgruntled, when, in a meeting, they had to endure it. So we smoked before or after a meeting at their request. To me, that seemed reasonable.

Suddenly doctor's waiting rooms, dentists and so forth "requested" people not to smoke in the waiting room. There were signs that did the requesting. So we smoked before or after visiting the doctor.

I have two memories of this time in Africa as a mum with kids. May I remind you that parents smoked, or didn't smoke. We both smoked, my husband and I, in our own home - always. It would have appeared insane to "go outside" for a cigarette. Our children are middle aged now - none of them ever suffered from the horrors we are told second hand smoke causes. But that's beside the point.

Back to my memories.

Memory One. The specialist told me to wait for him at the main door of the children's ward where one of our kids was in quarantine for a scary, nasty, life-threatening infection. So I waited patiently at the door and finished my cigarette, tossing it into the sandbox especially there for cigarette butts. Sandboxes outside hospitals were ubiquitous then, as a consideration to smokers. Suddenly the doctor arrived with his white coat open and flying in the wind, in a real hurry. He was drawing on a cigarette as hard as he could to finish it before we had to go inside. He threw the butt away in the sandbox. Now there were two butts - mine - a Rothmans filter - and his - a plain Texan - the most ferocious fag you could get at the time. I wondered where HE smoked at his rooms.

Memory Two. Our family doctor was a laugh. Once when I was laughing at a joke he told, he looked at me seriously and said "You have a smoker's laugh. One day that will be how your death rattle sounds". Scary idea that, don't you think? It freaked me out. And probably true. Our family doctor was not a smoker. He was not old. He was a really good guy in the traditional "family doctor" (now forgotten) way. We had only just arrived in the UK nearly twenty years ago now, when I was shocked to hear he had died - of lung cancer. I've always wondered whether HIS death rattle would sound any different to mine.

When we arrived in the UK, we had a favourite coffee shop in the town we lived in. They served fantastic coffee and they had a smoking section. We were good customers. One day, I remember arriving there in the grey drizzle of a horrid English day, to find the smoking section gone, and smokers "requested" to smoke outside. That was my last visit. I drank coffee at home from then on.

That was my first experience of discrimination in the UK at a restaurant. But before that, anti smokers flapped their hands around or were rude to you about your smoking. I found that unpleasant but understandable. I've never been a Pub goer but Pubs were places of friendliness and smokers. But, like an unstoppable tsunami, the tide changed against smokers.

Suddenly smokers had to have smoking rooms. These places were hideous even to us smokers for they were not properly ventilated - just odd places constructed by employers doing it on the cheap to comply with the law. One particular "smoking room" I had to use once on a course in Bradford, was the 1910 unaltered and unused men's urinal that stank of urine - and smoke. How disgusting was that? It was disgusting, because it was physically disgusting and disgusting in the attitude of the employer to his employees.

In 2007 the smoking ban was passed in the UK Parliament. It was SUPPOSED to consider smokers - but at the last minute it was changed and pushed through deviously by the Tobacco Control Industry. It banned all indoor smoking except in a place considered as your "home" - like your hotel room, prisons, etc.

By the Tobacco Control Industry I mean the over-ruling organisation called Tobacco Control, all their spawns, like charities that lobby government on their behalf, supported by government funding - how corrupt is that?!, that are ruling us.

These people - all of them, are the ones that have conspired to purposefully and with clear intent to reconfigure society to hate smokers and to be complicit in giving them NO CONSIDERATION in any way.

Think about that. Do you know of any other organisation that has the freedom to push governments world wide, to introduce new laws that work AGAINST their own citizens? Yes? Any?

Do you know of any organisation with a focused intention to rid the world of a specific group of people?

Now, as a vaper, I see them STILL at work. I have been abused as a smoker. I see I am going to be abused as a vaper.

My enemy has been Tobacco Control in all its forms. Tobacco Control has to be stopped because it has already abused society by manipulating it in a way that should ring alarm bells in everyone's heads. Society manipulated is a terrifying idea - imagine - manipulation, grooming, re-structuring, re-assembled to the specification of a small group intent on the destruction of another group.

If Tobacco Control was called LGBTQ Control, I would be against it too.

For vapers, I am warning - as I have done in the past - Tobacco Control is the enemy. Any friend of the enemy is NOT our friend. And anyone that talks in any way about the desired endgame of Tobacco Control which is smokercide has been conscripted by the enemy.

Vapercide is on the way!

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