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Thursday, 8 June 2017

The healing power of smoking (vaping)

There is something evil in the air worldwide - and its not smoke or vapour. What the evil is, is the intrusion of The Tobacco Control Industry into the private lives of smokers and vapers and their malice aforethought in re-sculpting the whole of society.

I shall use smoking to mean vaping and smoking. For vapers, the way smokers are treated is the absolute pivot of their own treatment in the world. To defend ourselves, we have to defend smokers.

I believe, the suppression of smoking, has caused a devastating alteration in society. It is especially noticeable here, where I live in the United Kingdom. Where I am, is, of course, the only place I have experienced. I see that since the smoking ban that came in in 2007, thousands of people are lonelier, more isolated and more depressed than before the ban. Society has been weakened. Smokers have been weakened. People have been weakened. The inner spirit, the verve, the "guts" of the population has drained away. The use of alcohol and other drugs has increased and suicide rates have gone up. Mental health is a problem. Cancer rates have increased. Guilt is the stick to beat any person who becomes ill here. Your condition, whatever it is, is because of your lifestyle. You smoked, someone else smoked, you ate badly, you drank too much, you got sick.

Political correctness has been pushed since about 2000 and absurd laws here forbid actions or speech that might offend others to the point that the citizens of this country, have become mightily dis-empowered.

People are bombarded by anti smoking, anti health, anti freedom propaganda constantly as The Tobacco Control Industry lobby our parliament for more and more legislation against smokers. Having pushed them out of doors into the streets, smokers are being banned from the streets, parks and even beaches! This is the plan of the "Endgame" in Tobacco Control. It is genocide of smokers worldwide. Furthermore, any protest here in the UK has been completely muzzled through the disapproval of any speech defending the habit of smoking or smokers. Talking about smoking is not politically correct, unless it is to denigrate it.

There is a healing power in smoking. Many people use smoking unknowingly as medicine, to control mood, supply pleasure, focus their minds, relax, uplift and help them cope with life. They smoke to be creative, to be social, to amplify aspects of coping - to fill holes, to comfort. Smoking is not simply a filthy habit. In each person's life, smoking is fulfilling something required.

Tobacco is an extraordinary plant - medicinal in many ways, and, once, cigarettes were made with natural tobacco. The crime that Tobacco Control has committed is to meddle with consumer choice, demanding "safer"cigarettes of manufacturers causing modern tobacco products and the production process to change.  Added to this, the use of medical porn on cigarette packs, together with constant anti smoking propaganda, they have criminally infected the minds of the whole of society. Once, cigarette packs held a single warning "smoking kills". I believe the harm of Tobacco Control is to have created a situation where smoking will kill much quicker than it has ever done at any time by their brain-fear dogma drip-feed, plain packs, hidden stock in shops and wild science. Anti smoking busybody healthists, have completely overlooked the beneficial aspects to a society that smokes.

It has produced a society dessicated of the old vitality of the smoking era.

Something has died. There is an evil in the air. The prohibitions placed on our people here, in the UK and other countries on smoking, on thinking, on speaking out, on personal choice, substituting guilt for self esteem, is totalitarianism. It is a monstrous plot against people, to make them weak and feeble and accepting of their own repression.

As a vaper who is in my 6th year of not smoking, I believe that whatever is done to smokers by the Tobacco Control lobbyists applying their noose of Government regulation, is done to me. Tobacco Control is part of a wider plan in our world, it's not just about tobacco - it's about taming the people. It's about the politics of power.

I shall NOT be a tame vaper. I am first and foremost, a SMOKER.

I will not become a tame person, accepting of my repression so that my rulers may manipulate me into conforming to their will. 

Smoking is not filthy habit that needs eradication. Smokers smoke for their own personal healing - for a thousand different reasons. Smoking should be made safer by the use of natural tobacco and legislation against the harmful additives put into commercial cigarettes. The biggest failing of Tobacco Control is prohibition without ever considering what smoking does for society, or making certain that cigarettes are strong, real and satisfying. But compliant, fearful and feeble citizens are the desired product for any developing totalitarian society.

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