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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oh dearie me

Oh, dearie me. I'm a really lazy person just like everyone else. But I'm going to have to get off my couch and DO something.

I'm going to have to get a clipboard and a pen and a petition going around the neighbourhood against the 20metre high microwave mast that is most probably going to be erected close to us in this lovely tranquil valley. I'm going to have to organise a REVOLT! It's got to be bigger and better than the one we just did, because no-one is taking any notice. The mast-erecting company is bigger, more powerful and wealthier than we are. And they probably bribed their way into this atrocity.

I have noticed that here, in the UK, "democracy" is only a word bandied about but not actually practiced. Minority groups like smokers, vapers, residents are so easily put down by "authority". Well, stuff them. At least when the mast goes up, I can say I really did try to stop it.

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