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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Oh hell

Haven't blogged for ages. Too disgruntled to do so. And that applies to my other blog too.

We have plain packs coming into Ireland and France bans e cigs in public places. (please vote) And Scotland bans smoking in cars with kids. And god knows what else I don't know about.

The anti smokers are OUR problem too - not just a smokers problem. I think smokers have been very badly persecuted in general. Smokers have been trying to modulate the attack on them for years. and if they had been successful, this anti-vaping push would not be happening. If proper ventilated smoking rooms had been provided for smokers, and smokers had been seen to have the right to persue their habit - somewhere - then vaping in public would be no issue now.

Many lies, twististics and crap is still offered to us by The Anti Tobacco Industry about smoking. If smokers try to expose them, they are "fronts for the tobacco industry". In the ENVI podcast, on Thursday, it was suggested at one point that the intense lobby from vapers, was a "front for big tobacco" seeing they were now entering the electronic cigarette market. They came for the smokers. Why did we think we vapers would be different?

The tide of anti-smoking busy bodies who pollute truth and muddy facts for their own batty ends - to rid the world of smoking (and that includes anything that LOOKS like smoking) seems so ugly and filthy, and so unstoppable, I have temporarily lost heart.

Thank goodness for people fighting the vaping cause.