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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stuff them!

Haven't blogged for a while - getting over the shock of the MHRA pronouncement that vaping products are to be medicalised (i.e controlled and profited from).

The mind boggles.

For me, personally, I have a Precise mechanical mod, I mix my own e-liquid and I wind my own coils. I will stock up on Base VG Nicotine in glass bottles and also on my favourite tanks. Nicotine for mixing will store in the freezer for a while - I get confusing answers to this -  months -10 years to 15 years?? In 10 years I might have snuffed it. I will rely on the knowledge that there will be a robust black market setting up in three years when vaping is under the firm control of Big Parma. And I will be buying!

Us older and experienced vapers will produce underground literature and videos to instruct smokers who have changed to medicalised vaping, on how to increase their pleasure by introducing them to the Black Market and teaching them all the tips on doing-it-themselves vaping which we will be practising. My videos will not be praising vaping anymore, but providing historical reference to how nice it used to be when vaping was a successful and exciting way to stop smoking. And how it has deteriorated into a shadow of its former self via over-regulation.

The internet will be full of information instructing people on how to access everything they need, one way or the other, for a proper vaping experience. Lawyers will become experienced in dealing with the law and illegal vaping. And smokers will go on smoking because the medical devices will be so poor in experience, so old-fashioned in design, that they won't be worth the bother except to chuck them away because they got them from the National Health Service free.

By then, technology will offer us serious vapers devices that look nothing like cigarettes, that are so small they cup in the hand and that do not emit vapour. At home and where it is legal to vape, we would use the devices we love - but on going out, we will use our vapourless, odourless "Nic-e-Nics" and no one will ever know we are vaping! We would be invisible, unstoppable and unbannable!

Where there is a will, there's a way.  Do I think vaping as we know it is stuffed? Naaa.

It's THEM that's stuffed.