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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Vapourless e liquid - flaunt or fade?

I have just bought vapourless e liquid. I made a video (see here). I was pleased with my vapourless e liquid. I am going out in a minute where vaping is banned and I will vape! So on reading this article - E-cigarette company creates invisible vapor I was very surprised by this paragraph. 

However, JAC Vapour has received some pushback from those who believe the company is making unnecessary concessions to the e-cigarette industry’s opponents.
“Some people do not want to go down this route because they think we are kind of pandering to people because there are no negative secondhand properties to vape,” 

I was astonished.  Pandering to people? Pandering to people? Where has our vapour led us thus far?  To bans, that's what! Where will flaunting our vapour ON PRINCIPLE lead us? Despite our "moral high ground", we are in deep dwang, in the shit to be clear, along with smokers.

I reckon it's a clever move. Why flaunt our vapour when we can fade into the bans that can't ban us if they can't see us?!

“We have had a lot of people buy it and say this really fit the bill for certain aspects of their lives,” she said. “Whether it is the train to work, whether they are sitting at their desk at work, or if they are in a restaurant where vaping has been banned.”

Sounds good to me.