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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Choosing sides

There has been some comment on my post - Are you a smoker that vapes? Or are you an anti-smoker?

The thrust of one comment on it is that vapers don't want to be associated with smokers. I point out they have made enemies of smokers by their arrogant attitude. Like butterflies, hatched from the worm and then the cocoon of restriction, they hope to simply fly away into the land of happiness. But there are no butterflies without worms!

What once seemed an optimistic future, is being transformed by the gardeners of Public Health. They have sprayed the worms now for decades with poison. They have been unsuccessful in killing them. They have tried to count the worms in scientific ways, but I know, in my garden, there are MANY more worms than I can see, lurking in secret places. Worms have the habit of blending in - camouflaging themselves. So, the logical mind knows that the number of smokers is greater than the number counted.

Vapers who don't wish to be associated with smokers, a position I quite understand because we are flying on the wings of our freedom from tobacco, are missing the point I keep making. The point I keep making, is the worms are our friends.The worms are us! Unless we stand united with each other, the gardeners of Public Health will continue using their evil poison against the worms AND the butterflies.

We cannot go to a different garden to avoid the sprayers of poison, but we can claim the right as living creatures, not to be so cruelly exterminated.

And that's what we should be doing - united - exposing the poison as a crime against the right of living creatures to find their PLEASURE.

All the problems that vapers are fielding now, stem from the attitude of Public Health, not to simply tend the garden they have been charged with, but to form it into some kind of artificial freak show, where pleasure becomes condemned and there is little joy in the garden for a quarter of the creatures there.

When fighting vaping bans, I am going to include smoking bans. Smoking bans have been an ideological hysteria, that has now become a serious intrusion into our lives.  The banning mentality is the cement that the gardeners are trying to lay over the garden they tend so it looks nice and clean and neat, with no real life in it except poison spray for bugs, worms and weeds. And cement to fill in any cracks!

It's them or us. I can hear the cement mixer running.