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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kicking puppies - the future for vapers and vendors

This was a comment on a guest post on my post - Brilliant guest post from Geoff Cliff - do share."When did they change the Law?" 
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The County and City of San Francisco has just handed me and my fellow brick and mortar store owners a letter with new "vaping" regulations.

1) we cannot vape where we cannot smoke
2) vape shops are now REQUIRED to have a tobacco license
3) it is now illegal to vape within a vape shop

One of the things that separates us from the other "smoke shops" is that we offer all of our juices to be sampled.  We want our customers to be happy with their purchase and not have to "roll the dice" on a new juice.

Now we'll be just like said "smoke shops" and have to put away our sample tray.

I'm so angry, I can kick a puppy right now.  (no I won't, I love dogs, that was just a metaphor)

This kind of thing makes me STEAM with anger!

The basic problem of course, is that society has allowed the anti smoking ideology to interfere in the way we live, what we buy, what we do to ourselves, how businesses are run, what they can sell, what they can advertise. They have an anti smoking mental illness that wants to overwhelm, control and re-shape the world to reflect their own dogma and creed, to fix the world in the image of their own God. What we do and how we behave is really none of their business.The Tobacco Control Industry has been so successful that it has infiltrated just about every aspect of society, politics and health. Their tactics are now used to control our behaviour in other areas - "Sugar, alcohol, (and god knows what else - coffee? tea? is the new tobacco"

The kernel, the core, the absolute centre of many problems we now have, come from this idea; the idea that Governments have the right to interfere in peoples' lives, rather than serve them.

Governments are supposed to serve the people, Public health, to provide services to the people and the medical profession, hospitals and doctors and nurses, to ameliorate suffering from disease no matter how it is caused.

Nowadays, everything is measured in statistics and costed out financially. We are told about the "costs" of smoking. This is bullshit. Smokers do not cost money - in fact they save money. It is the attempt to stop smokers smoking, that has been so astronomically costly! And yet the hardy still smoke as is their right. Strength and courage to them. Furthermore, in the UK - and probably everywhere, smokers are a cash cow that funds the NHS. Every smoker has paid many times over for his own treatment and the treatments of others.

Without any help from anyone else, smokers have found a solution to enjoy nicotine without the danger of inhaling the chemicals from burning leaves. They can smoke without the guilt and shame induced in them by Tobacco Control maniacs. We have found our way to solve the problem of tobacco. We have solved our OWN problem whether we want to quit or carry on smoking by vaping.

We are free!

But no - that's not true, is it?

Sod the lot.

Until the right of others to intrude into our personal life choices is challenged, no one will ever be free.