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Monday, 14 July 2014

How to bury vaping

The best way to make sure that people will not stop smoking by switching to personal nicotine vapourisers is what we see happening around us right now.

1. Raise doubts about vaping safety.
2. Spread rumours about terrible dangers.
3. Get anti tobacco experts to offer their opinions.
4. Prove the above with science and figures.
5. Crack down on Public Health to conform to expert opinion as promoted by the anti-tobacco ideologists above.
6. Use the media to disseminate fear information, especially as dramatically as possible.
7. Use medical health workers to promote doubt amongst the people.
8. Lobby the Government with tax money they raised and gave to you to promote your ideology.
9. Make out that dissenting voices are the marginal groups.
10. Proclaim that the above are paid shills.
11. Ignore anecdotes and sales figures proving consumer success of vapourised nicotine.
12. Via WHO, and the Tobacco Directive, make sure only the least efficient devices will be easily obtainable to smokers, and that the nicotine content of liquid will be wholly unsatisfying.
13. Censor advertising and promotion of personal vapourisers and the benefits of vaping, by legislation.
14. Make certain that smokers, children and most ordinary people, will not see people vaping, by banning the use of personal vapourisers in public places.
15. Promote the idea that vaping is an activity done by weak and helpless addicts.
16.  Emphasise the children, the children, the children at the expense of adults.
17. Think up a new objection if any of the above are questioned.
18. Avoid any suggestions that vaping should be considered entirely pleasurable, and that THAT is a consideration in its own right.
19. Keep up the pressure via all the already entrenched anti smoking tentacles already strangling smokers.
20. Deny that burying vaping is the motive because it's all about money and interconnected profitable corruption between corporations working together for survival if people continue smoking. Say it's all about HEALTH.

Three people have recently told me vaping is terribly bad for me because they heard it on the radio.  But the last one, came from an NHS nurse, who told one of my new vaping protege's, that vaping would make her fat because of all the glucose in the e liquid.


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