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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Would nicotine extraction from tobacco free sources release vapers from Tobacco Control?

Can electronic cigarettes that use nicotine free e liquid be classified as "tobacco" products? On ebay, devices are listed as "nicotine free" and indeed, the battery we buy, the tank or the charger are all "nicotine free". They aren't "tobacco products" per se.

The problem is with e liquid and its connection to the tobacco plant nicotine that comes from it.  Everything to do with vaping has been dumped into the anti-smoking trash bin. If the nicotine we use was not derived from tobacco, could the EU place "vaping" in the Tobacco Control Directive? Well, unfortunately our vaping devices are called electronic cigarettes - CIGARETTES - damn it.

And they deliver nicotine. Quote "Nicotine is an alkaloid found in nightshade family of plants (solanaceae), mostly in tobacco, and less in tomato, potato, eggplant and green-pepper. It is also found in coca leaves. Nicotine constitutes 0.3 to 5 % of tobacco plant by dry weight; with biosynthesis taking place in the root and accumulating in the leaves." End quote

So the nicotine is made in the root and stored in the leaves. Tobacco plants can be grafted onto a tomato rootstock as tomatoes behave in the same way.

Vaper's freedom from the "tobacco" legislation could come from using nicotine from tomato, potato, eggplant or green-pepper. Why can't these plants be bred for increased nicotine, in the same way THC has been in cannabis plants?

Unfortunately botanists haven't made a global nicotine plant map because testing for nicotine is difficult on such a scale and tobacco has just been accepted as the plant that holds the most. But Australia's corkwood tree evidently produces four times the amount of nicotine than most tobacco does.

Big tobacco looked into nicotine in tomato, potato, and eggplant in 1982 and 1998 . We ingest nicotine all the time in the food we eat.

Yet even if we vaped tomato derived nicotine, we would still be classified "addicts" by you-know-who.  And our vaping "looks" like smoking - the righteous would be clobbering us on two counts! The problem is not with vaping, the problem is with the righteous who, in their anti-smoking pogroms have become mentally deranged about vaping too. Do you ever wonder whether we might as well just smoke cigarettes and be done with it!

The righteous are not righteous enough to outright ban tobacco, because they need their jobs, Governments need the tax and pharmaceuticals  need to produce their quit drugs. And, unable to legally persecute gays, jews and black people, society needs smokers to feel superior to. Electronic cigarettes are threatening to pull down the whole shameful edifice.

Because cigarettes are a still a legal product, vapers could resort to extracting our own nicotine if regulation becomes too restrictive, but that could lead to horrible accidents. And frankly, could you be arsed?

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