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Friday, 1 August 2014

My YouTube channel "Vaping for the over sixties"

My Video Channel is what I like best about the social networking I do. I get hundreds and hundreds of letters and comments on it. I reply to every one. I get loads of comments of "love". I think it is because I am un threatening and I remind young people, who also watch my videos, even though the channel is called  "Vaping for the over sixties", I remind them of their grandmothers. I loved my grandmother too. I often wish I had taken more notice of her before she died. People who have bonded with me on my videos are topping up that feeling of a missing grandmother.

But more commonly, I get messages of thanks for being inspirational and starting people vaping.

I mostly use THIS blog for getting out the frustration and anger I feel at what is happening to vaping per kind hatred of the anti tobacco industry, which I dislike with a passion because of their devious anti smoking actions, now turned on us vapers.

But I don't want that anger to show up too much on my YouTube channel because beginners need encouragement, not rage.

Vaping has changed my life. It is the very best thing that has happened for smokers. I know that not everyone switches to vaping with ease - but millions of us prefer it to smoking.

I am glad my enthusiasm has started people vaping. I have tried to keep my videos simple, honest and home made. I do not represent anyone except me.

Here are my latest videos followed by my two most viewed.

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