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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Reformation for smokers will save vapers - our enemy's enemy is our friend

I feel sorry for Clive Bates who must be sick of me posting angry comments on his blog. He has just put up a new post (see above).

So I am having a rant here instead.

I really, really wish that the scales would fall from the eyes of people involved with Tobacco Control as he is.

The correct moral way forward is to expose Tobacco Control for what they are. I am not surprised at anything they do. It is to be expected. If they can lie about Second Hand Smoke, they can lie and HAVE, about anything.


No figures they put about should ever be repeated, because they are simply guesses to promote a particular idea. In science, that is frightfully dangerous. We can see dishonesty and manipulation happening before our very eyes as us vapers watch how it is all panning out for us world wide. And especially in Europe that houses the head of the snake! What is most obvious is how immoral it all is.

Quote from Clive's Post "The objective of this Convention and its protocols is to protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke by providing a framework for tobacco control measures to be implemented by the Parties at the national, regional and international levels in order to reduce continually and substantially the prevalence of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke"End quote

The above is a sort of fundamentalist religious statement.

"devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke " can all be challenged.

In fact, the exaggerations, misrepresentations, economic harm, personal and individual suffering the dogma has brought on in society has been vast. This religion has seeded fear and hate. Like all successful conquering religions have done, the devotees fail to see that the act of smoking - something - anything - can never be eradicated just like conquering religions fail in accepting that not all humans will be converts.

Action against the unconverted by the conquerors becomes more violent in their desperation to create the new world of perfection that they have visioned. The prohibitionist movements that plague modern society, are no different. There is a sort of Eugenics idea in the culture that makes me very uneasy - behaviour Eugenics so to speak - conform, or die. Tobacco Control are at the leading edge.

We need a reformation - but the first thing to go for is the bullshit preached by the priests of Tobacco Control. They have been able to use science in its very worst way, to promote a movement that most people born when I was, would never have believed could ever have happened in the democratic world.

Scientists need to have the guts to challenge the science used by Tobacco Control and to demolish the morality of their mission which has been so clearly exposed now they speak against vaping. And how is it that Vaping is anything to do with THEM - it's not even a Tobacco Product. They have been offered the solution to smoking, free gratis and for nothing and consider it a threat. The WHO pontificates today. And as I write this I hear the BBC spreading the terror about SHV (Second Hand Vapour.)

The threat Tobacco Control fears is a modern, technological smoking epidemic - a safer-than-the-old-one epidemic.

And I say - so what!

A Reformation might get Tobacco Control back on track. Those that haven't been exposed as selling indulgences for their own profit, or spreading ideological science instead of real science, the ones that are left after a cleansing reformation, could be trusted to offer the truth and be motivated by love of humanity instead of protecting their own futures in a very profitable job placement in a prohibition industry.

To all the scientists and academics involved with Tobacco Control in any way, I want to say that the unbelievable, headstrong, self righteous people trying to control vaping have used all that same power, money and social engineering before to persecute smokers. The immorality in THAT should be exposed. It needs to be accepted that smoking is something people like to do. It needs to be acknowledged that there ARE safe levels of smoking. It needs to be exposed that there is no evidence that Second Hand Smoke is killing anyone. It needs to be honestly recorded that older people who die from age related illnesses are doing so because they are old and not because they once smoked. It needs to be admitted that nicotine is not a deadly drug.

Smoking needs to be accepted as a thing that some people do.

People smoke tobacco and do it with pleasure. It even has some beneficial aspects. As a society, THAT needs to be accepted. Tobacco Control needs to accept it too and admit they have gone too far, interfered too much. That way, the smoking terror will stop. That way, the pogroms against smokers will stop. That way, vapers too will be accepted into society.

Am I the only one who sees that the demonisation of SMOKING is the cause of all the problems we vapers now have?

Am I the only one who sees that there is nothing at all that can be done for us vapers, unless some kind of sanity returns to our world about smokers and smoking?

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