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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Going for a smoke break

If you follow my blog, you will know that I perceive things a bit differently to many other vapers. I have not allowed myself to be brainwashed to believe or re-cycle in any way, what the new industry called "Tobacco Control" has fed into society.  From the very start they used malice aforethought to twist minds and hearts.

They have not used truth to do so. They have been devious.  Instead of demanding cigarettes be made with real tobacco without additives and going at the source - the manufacturers of cigarettes, smokers have been made pariahs of society by being labelled slaves and addicts and killers of themselves and other people.

Unfortunately and because of this, society will not easily accept vaping as a legitimate recreational pleasure. Instead vaping is being labelled before my eyes as another filthy addiction that non smoking folks fear will kill them by our terrifying vapour polluting their air. This is directly because of the attitude to smoking and the Second Hand Smoke Myth.

But, in fact, again, the sources of all things pertaining to vaping - the manufacturers, could be regulated  with consumer protections already in place without any extra laws. And certainly attacking vapers as a group to persecute, is repeating what anti tobacco has done to smokers.

Thinking of vaping as a Nicotine Replacement is not helpful. And I don't like thinking of vaping as "harm reduction" either. The thousands and millions of lives vaping will "save" are figures pulled out of anti tobacco employees' computers. 

We have no idea how many smokers lives will be saved, because the estimated figure on smoking deaths and - worse - Second Hand Smoker deaths are perverted already.

Vaping, like smoking is using nicotine for PLEASURE. Smoking has given deep pleasure to humans ever since we first started inhaling smoke. We smoked real tobacco once. But Big Tobacco's commercially produced easy-smoking boxed variety of cigarettes has somewhat changed that. Old fashioned unadulterated tobacco was better.

I saw the nicest thing today - lovely day in the country. At least 25 bikers stopped over the road from our house. Every one of them stood around in a happy group smoking cigarettes. Everyone of them were smokers. Everyone of them were youngish. Most of them rolled their own. No vapers. But my heart warmed. Smoking is not dead - it lives!

And it gives just as much pleasure to people as it ever did!

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