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Friday, 26 September 2014

Apologies to vapers, smokers and Tobacco Control

I wrote a blog post Changing vaper-hate to love

I need to apologise for several things I said in it. My errors have been revealed to me.

I apologise to Carl V Philips, whose writing I really enjoy, for lumping him into anti tobacco. It has been pointed out that he himself has been attacked by Tobacco Control and he feels everyone should have choice as to whether they smoke or not. Carl Phillips - Dear Public Health: the public despises you, so you are probably doing it wrong

I apologise to vapers who I accused of standing on the head of smokers to save vaping, who promote vaping by using anti tobacco propaganda to do it.  I have been less than insightful. It has been suggested and only just dawned on me that they actually and genuinely BELIEVE what anti tobacco has been using to socially engineer them with. They are ashamed of being smokers, relieved they can vape instead and they trustingly accept what anti tobacco says about smoking and second hand smoke.

I apologise to Tobacco Control that in the past I seemed unable to believe very much they said. I might be in denial. They made my life miserable. I saw none of the things they warned me about in my own personal life. I must be a lucky one. I think they have exaggerated, overstated, twisted facts and manipulated society in a shameful way.

I apologise that now I am a smoker that only vapes, I am unable to change my attitude. I have always sympathised with smokers, having been one myself for 50 years. In fact, all my suspicions about how Tobacco Control, have exaggerated, overstated, twisted facts and manipulated society in a shameful way are being confirmed as I watch how they are dealing with vapers and vaping.

And, as a bit of fun, I apologise to the smokers I teased with the announcement that there was good news for them - Islamic State lifts smoking ban in Kirkuk
May the smoking bans be reviewed everywhere!