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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Smoking and vaping WILL survive

As a vaper, I have been in a state of shock that vaping and vapers are being treated just like smokers. As a human who has now reached the grand old age of seventy, I have nostalgia for the past, and the way things were before the Tobacco Control Industry appeared on the planet. I cannot explain to young people how strangely "cold" the world has become; how alien to freedom; how artificial and contrived; how rigid with legislation in many ways - not just about smoking.

I have told this before, but I have never experienced the horrors of smoking in my life. My five children grew up in a smoking home as both my husband and I smoked. In those days, people smoked everywhere, even in front of the cheeeldren! None of our cheeeldren died a cot death (I smoked whilst breastfeeding to keep myself awake at night). None of them has asthma. And none of our cheeeldren smoke!

I think smoking is like carrying around your own pollution chamber. I think cigarettes as manufactured by Big Tobacco have extra harmful ingredients added to them. I think Tobacco Control could have insisted that only real, unadulterated tobacco as it is meant to be smoked was offered to smokers - and that would have been REALLY worthwhile! Cigarettes as we know them today are fake things - horrible mutations of what smoking could be.

I really know this from my own experience. I smoked commercial cigarettes for about thirty years,  Rothmans. When I got to the UK, the Rothmans were horrible! They burnt down excessively quickly, and they left me totally unsatisfied. Tobacco Control's meddling did that! So I switched to rolling my own. For some years I smoked rollies. Then I discovered Natural Tobacco. And switched. In twenty four hours, I could feel the difference physically. It was the same when I switched to vaping. I think it was easy to change to vaping because I was not used to the added chemicals that made my smoking of commercial cigarettes so addictive.

So, I wonder about the insanity of man. How, now that China has signed into The Tobacco Control Directive, banning people from smoking in the street where dogs and children collapse in the pollution from vehicles, and people wear masks, can possibly be considered by any thinking person as "sane"! Is banning smoking in London, or New York sane? Is banning vaping ANYWHERE sane?

I think the world has gone mad. I think vapers will be ground down by legislation. We will enter a "colder", more artificial and contrived society, rigid, joyless, insane. Smoking and vaping will be private pleasures - but they WILL survive.

WE will see to that!

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