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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Dodgy science unpicked for vapers but smokers deserve it too.

I have been taking a rest. But I have been watching the behaviour of the idiots, the fundamentalists and the sages.

I am an ordinary person. What more can we do, but watch? Ordinary people - not criminals - smokers like I used to be, have no academic power, no political power, no financial power. Everything a smoker does is legislated for in some way.

No group in the West, have been treated in such a way for an activity that is legal.

I point out that everything vapers are enduring in the pogrom against us, directly stems from the smoking ban.  The motive for the smoking ban should be reassessed. It was not about health - not remotely. To get it accepted, the fundamentalist anti smoking groups seeded the minds of smokers and non-smokers alike with fear - and the science behind their facts, is as dodgy as it is about vaping.

Smoking is a normal occupation to millions of people who choose to smoke. Rates of smoking were already dropping as people, without any intimidation by regulation, were giving it up out of their own choice. I believe technology would have produced an electronic cigarette because technology is inclined to do that kind of thing. Hon Lik was not motivated to make an electronic cigarette by the smoking ban, but by wishing for something safer than smoking!

Enter the prohibitionists! And real misery. Best if they had left well alone.

I WAS a smoker, and the pain of the anti smoking persecution has not left me. There are millions of voiceless people out there, just like me! The total smoking ban that was, to our utter disbelief, passed by an unwitting UK Parliament in 2007, was not in OUR name. It was the result of heavy lobbying by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) which is an industry set up to further the anti smoking ideology and guarantee their own jobs from (mostly) Government Funding - aka a fake charity.

Fake Charities are Britain's shame!,12406,1042677,00.html

Clive Bates has just published another brilliant post. It's a pity smokers have no Clive Bates!

I wish someone would question the dodgy science about Second Hand Smoke too - in defence of smokers and the warped fracturing of society that THAT dodgy science has caused.The anti smoking ideology and the massive world-wide industry it has now become, needs to be unpicked piece by piece on the basis of the faulty science it has promoted.

Some strange societal mutations have been spawned from it. Only smokers are assumed to develop lung cancer. So that if you are a non smoker, you miss out on early diagnosis. The idea that no young people get lung cancer except smokers is an illusion created by Anti Smoking Ideology.

The idea that at age eighty-something, you die from old age, but if you were or happen still to be, a smoker, you die from a smoking related illness, is another unpickable piece of science. Strangely illogical don't you think?

I enjoy Clive Bates posts on behalf of my vaping-self. But my used-to-be-a-smoker-self sees them as an exposure of how corrupt all the Anti Smoking Industries are. If they are doing this to vapers, one can assume the same was/is done to smokers. They have made an anal, terrified and abstinent society on purpose by engineering it so. The world is not better for it!

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