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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Vaping - down memory lane - before the prohibitionist packs

I stopped smoking in September, or was it October 2011? I accidentally started a You Tube Channel called "Vaping for the Over Sixties". I started this blog six months into vaping.At first it was fun - more light hearted than grim.


Do you remember Steeljan? Vaping Trolls

After I did a radio interview at Vapersplace - Sobranies for Kev at vapersplace

And Triple Coils with Scott Bonner Cripes! Triple coils

Vaping was fun - lighthearted - even in the loo! Shriek!

But sometimes it was more serious.

Alienating vapers - We ARE smokers!

Here are my blog stats six months in  - Thank you Vapers

And I thought THAT was quite impressive. I'm obviously easy to please!

I've always done my own thing. I am not affiliated to anyone, and I have no reputation to defend. I have no career that's threatened. I'm free. I love it when lots of people read my posts and talk to me - and often they do. It makes me feel it's been a worthwhile three years. 

I'm not trying to get noticed by important people. 

I naively feel that people are good - and nice. I like people. Except when they run in packs,  In vaping and smoking circles I am finding there are packs - people running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. Or snarling at each other. In-circles politics, reputation protecting. Or smokers against vapers or the other way around. 

I don't like "Government" because of the packs. Packs bully, snap and threaten. They are empowered by the subservient mentality of their members. They self perpetuate. Tobacco Control is a pack. Public Health has become a pack.

We vapers and smokers have only one force implacably against us - prohibition by the dominant packs. I don't know what we can do about it - it's some kind of modern mental illness inherent in modern packs who are rewarded by their members with prestige, degrees and funding. 

It's grim.

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