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Monday, 15 December 2014

Beyond reason - Smoking bans are Vaping bans

The anti smoking movement has constructed a whole "Industry" based on smokers and smoking What they promote is now beyond reason. Somehow, thinking people, need to be able to protest the litany that has become lodged in the public mind, that using cigarettes or cigarette substitutes is a terrible, unacceptable behaviour.

Take ASH UK, (Action on Smoking and Health in the UK). ASH was established in the 1970's by the Royal College of Physicians. 
ASH says it has a dual focus - (I have made bold two points)
Information and networking: To develop opinion and awareness about the “tobacco epidemic” Advocacy and campaigning: To press for policy measures that will reduce the burden of addiction, disease and premature death attributable to tobacco.

They have done this for almost 45 years.

Well, the thrusts change - first, ASH promoted awareness of the danger of smoking to the personal self, then the dangers of second hand smoke to everyone else.They have striven to reduce the burden of addiction by banging on about the "burden" of smoking, so that even smokers believe it, never addressing the great pleasure smoking gives. It was ASH that manipulated the Government, at the last minute, to introduce the total smoking ban that has been so detrimental to society in the UK. It's aim since 2008 is to have Plain Packaging in law. Its feeding tube to Government is the All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health.

Smokefree (the anti smoking arm of The National Health Service) similarly releases anti-smoking speak and works towards a "smokefree" world. It offers help for smokers in the form of clinics and NRT therapies. It re-enforces the attitudes of the industry into the mind of the people. It
develops opinion.

All sanity leaving, anti tobacco now promotes no smoking in parks or open spaces. Smoking mustn't be seen as any kind of thing that people do.

"Smokefree" has come to hospitals, old age homes, your own home, prisons, psychiatric units, reform schools, and even the army - where it is truly inappropriate and should have no moral place. 

Society has been assisted to develop (the) opinion that nicotine is a terrifying addictive carcinogen.

All sections of the anti smoking industries need smoking to be de-normalised good and proper. Profitable lobby groups linked to "medicine" or "government" will develop (that) opinion . They will put down anyone who points out any suspicions about the motives for the existence of tobacco control, or complains about legislative intrusions into peoples lifestyles, or the adverse effects of the smoking bans on society and the economy that have occurred in the UK, or who questions the very shaky science of SHS. 

They are already putting down vapers.

There appear to be small cracks in the facade of the anti smoking industry. There are disagreements between the "quit or die" crowd and the "harm reduction crowd". Vapers are seemingly being favoured by the latter.

Both those crowds are anti smoking. They are the ones who have responsibility for the situation as it stands now.
They are the ones who have promoted ideas to us via the press, medicine and government and  have made sure that ordinary people, who didn't really give a damn once, will by now have developed (the) opinion that those who smoke are suffering  the burden of addiction and that smoking is a terrible curse to everyone in our modern age of science. 

The smoking bans are a vaper's problem. The smoking bans are in place because of the work of the anti tobacco industry. 
I'm watching how vaping is following along behind the smokers. "Vapefree" has come to
to hospitals, old age homes, your own home, prisons, psychiatric units, reform schools, and even the army - where it is truly inappropriate and should have no moral place. And now, suggested in Scotland, vaping to be banned in your personal car!

Nicotine is a devilish addiction, it seems, to be banned at all costs.

Smoking is not going to go away even if it were banned outright. And it probably never will be, being a profitable tax source for every government, and, if banned, to a black market. Smoking has been an easy target to tap profits from because it was so common to everyone. SHS fear has been the most easy to promote(aka
to develop opinion) in because it pollutes the air and everyone can object to that - especially the moral middle classes that have been so easy to brainwash.

Now vaping, like a genie let out of the bottle that cannot be stuffed back in, will be truly difficult to police.  Vaping is NOT like smoking. Vaping is also here to stay. A vaper's problem is not that they have the moral high ground because vaping is "better" than smoking, their problem is the smoking ban. To others, vapers are smokers, first and foremost, who are addicted to a drug.
Anti tobacco wishes to reduce the burden of our addiction. And ordinary people have been so turned against smoking by social engineering, that they simply see us as smokers.

It is a deeply sad if not an insane situation that society "accepts", religious freedom, dangerous sports, LGBT freedom, legal highs, marijuana in various areas, alcohol, porn, sex workers, movie violence, scorns racism, upholds peoples rights for all kinds of minority groups in all sorts of situations, yet smokers, have had no voice having been strangled into silence by law and shame.

The smoking ban should be revised in our Parliament to give smokers their dignity back. And to show the rest of the world that wrongs pushed onto citizens by anti smoking lobby groups can be put RIGHT. Once that happens, vapers will find themselves free of the insanity too. And our world will be a better one.

Well that's me done.

And NO - I have had no funding from any tobacco group!

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