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Thursday, 4 December 2014

What Vaping made me learn

I smoked for 50 years. In 2009 I bought one of the very primitive electronic cigarette devices of the time to take away on holiday where smoking was banned.  It was a dreadful thing, giving only a headache and no satisfaction. I returned to smoking after the first day, shivering out in the freezing December weather, next to the rubbish bins out back, with the other smokers.

2009 was only two years on from the indoor smoking ban in the UK. At that time, it was legal to smoke in places that was your "home" away-from-home even if it was a designated hotel room, a mental health ward, a prison, an old age home. Even so, banning a legal activity on private property, overriding ownership, seemed an illegal action to me. Unlawful. Since then, prohibition has got worse. No smoker escapes the persecution.

So my attempt to vape in 2009 was a disaster. I became a smoker more determined to continue smoking in the face of every unlawful action against me. I accepted that using an electronic cigarette was something I would never do.

I became a VERY angry smoker. The anti tobacco groups were becoming more and more vindictive. The immorality of what they promote was seared into my mind when I watched a loved one in psychosis, banned from smoking in a mental health ward - her "home" and old people dying outside in the cold whilst having to smoke there. Something loving disappeared from the world when prohibition entered it.

So I learned from my own smoking life experiences, that anti tobacco ideology, is as immoral and vicious as any promoted in History for the suppression of humans. I suspected that what society was told about smoking, was not actually true, but lies.

I determined to smoke till I died. Smoking was such a pleasure. I loved it. And furthermore, in my own life, I knew of no one who had died from "smoking related" illnesses. And I was well and healthy, myself.

In 2011, we went away again. and I have told this story before - I bought a device, which I had carefully researched on the Internet. This time, everything about it worked for me. It looked good, it worked well, and it was SATISFYING! At first I dual used. But gradually, I found I somewhat preferred vaping (new word for me in those days) to actually smoking. I liked the fact I could "smoke" inside. I especially liked that!

I learned that "smoking" inside a room with friends and family, the comradie of NOT having to go outside in the cold drizzly weather, was something I had been starved of by law.  The pleasure of smoking, the friendship, the old delight was recaptured for me.

Vaping, supplanted smoking in my life. This old determined smoker, without huge effort, switched her brand. To me it seemed miraculous.  I told others about it on a YouTube Channel. Those videos show another thing I learned.

I see how quickly the technology has changed. It does so almost weekly. It gets better and better.

So, because of my own miracle, I started this blog to share my delight. But it wasn't to be for long. At the back end of 2012, nasty rumours started to appear in the press. Anti smokers were becoming anti-vaping. My angry smoker came to the fore because, to me, the ideology is the problem. Vaper's problems stem from the anti smoking ideology.  I blogged my feelings.

I have learned that what we are told about smoking and vaping, is not actually true.

I learned this because I see how the ideology is working out against vaping. Our anti smoking health experts have absolutely no shame. If they can behave like this about vaping, they have done the same against smokers - you can bet on it.

I am very wary of "harm reduction" scientists too. They appear to be on our side. They are part of the big ideology. We need to be "saved" for our own good.  I believe we need to be "saved" for the  benefit of the whole group of anti smoking industries and their charitable and medical corollaries for THEIR own good - jobs, funding, futures.

How public health is treating vaping has opened my eyes to a lot of other stuff too. I have become sensitive to anti vaping spin. I realise that most of everything we read and hear in the media about any topic, here in the UK, is an illusion. What is offered to us, has someone's ideology attached to it.

The banning of vaping indoors is on the way. The untruths and lies are being promoted to make sure that society will conform.

My vaping has confirmed to me that the anti smoking industries, collectively, are wicked. 

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