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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Vaping Voodoo

In this blog, I have posted a lot on the Nocebo effect of the continual poison that Tobacco Control has dripped into the ear of society since they started on their mission for a smoke-free world. Their propaganda against smoking and smokers. is positively criminal. Medical porn that has been allowed to be used by our rulers, on advertising, bill boards, and soon, plain packs is evil stuff. Evil. It's the medical hexing of an entire population.

We know, and have known for thousands of years, that if you tell people they are "cursed" they will be. Even if people do not believe in voodoo, spells, magic, witch-doctors and such like, small thoughts of possible "cursing" still remain to haunt them. A hex or a curse is something that triggers A NOCEBO (I will cause harm) in the human brain that has a detrimental effect on health.

Nocebo is real - a REAL thing that we cant avoid, no matter how intelligent we think we are. When it is happening to us, our brains are actually sending destructive hormones into our bodies. We receive Nocebos through pictures, propaganda, the media, rumour, hearsay. And continual repetitive, negative mantras

Nocebo has been known to kill people. So it is not something that can be ethically used by anyone on purpose. Yet smokers have been enduring it since the beginning of Tobacco Control. And the medical profession and governments have simply allowed it. They have allowed it even if it is not true. "Smoking Kills". Well no, it does not. "Smokers have black lungs". Well, no they don't. Only diseased lungs are black whether they belong to a smoker or not.

And so we go on with much medical porn and scientific twististics  drummed into us. There has been a complete blackout of any information on the benefits that smoking brings. And the coup de grace, for smokers, was to blame them for killing others with their second hand smoke.  This has still not been proved, but the curse that it does has been sprinkled over the whole of society. We BELIEVE.

And more importantly everyone, whether smoker, or not, has been hexed.

I believe that, in the main, the media, medicine, public health and governments have turned very negative in outlook in these "scientific" times. "Evidence" allows them to preach fear, fear, fear, blame, blame, blame, turning us all into victims of something-or-other, especially ourselves. If WE turn around and conform to THEIR ideas we might achieve everlasting life (and save government money).  Pleasure, optimism, happiness, joy de vivre is a spice enjoyed better when everlasting life is not our final goal.  Looking after the old is more expensive to a government than repairing people living shorter lives, enjoying the activities of eating, smoking, drinking and feeling happy. Without guilt. Without mortification.

Tobacco Control and the enemies of vaping, are using voodoo big time right now. They are using it against vapers and vaping. It started almost as soon as vaping became popular. Now that a few years have passed, they are managing to make the "dangers" of vaping more precise, more insistent, more like propaganda. Nocebos, in fact. The spells they are casting in almost every country of the world are being re-regurgitated by newspapers, videos, health departments, the medical profession, and many governments who have been infected by the smoke-free dream.

This voodoo is very dangerous to smokers who were thinking of switching to vaping. They might not.

It is very dangerous to us vapers. We might switch to smoking because we fear vaping.

I think I'm reasonably intelligent, someone who might avoid the voodoo. But no matter who you are, none of us can avoid Nocebo. It's just the way our human brain/bodies work.

I have been vaping for four years. I feel good. I am not grieving for cigarettes at all. But as I go into my old age, I want something to comfort me. I am not yearning for everlasting life. I'm not aiming to get old, doddery and feeble either. So I will continue to vape, EVEN if it's bad for me.