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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Farting against Thunder

Several bloggers have discussed The west's democratic deficit and I enjoyed it too. I have written about the arrogance of the Government who will probably overrule us here in our village about the communication tower that has now gone to "appeal". In the UK "appeal" to the Government means the locals' wishes will be disregarded and an Australian Company will be allowed to do what it wants here.

So I saw much truth in the article. But I felt uncomfortable with this sentence "So while our politicians rail against big tobacco, big finance, big oil, big pharma etc, what we should really, really be worried about is big government." I wondered which politicians "rail against big tobacco, big finance, big oil, big pharma etc". We need more of those but I haven't seen them. Have you? Bring them on! They should be worried about big government, yes, too big by far.

I was surprised by this paragraph "Thirty years ago, the number of politicians in the UK was 3,000 including 650 MPs. In 2009 the BBC under the freedom of information act, discovered that in nearly 30,000 professional politicians and their (sic), costing £500 million a year."

I think these facts explain most of what is wrong in the UK today. Too many politicians. Too many pompous people poking their probosces' into the money stream of meddling. Too many quangos, too many lobby groups, too many rules and regulations, too many select committees, too many unselect committees! Too much bowing and scraping to The European Union. Too large. Too suffocating. Too interfering. And far too powerful.

No wonder us ordinary people feel that trying to get heard about any issue like a smoking ban review (that was promised), re-animation of English Pubs, the "plain" packaging intrusion, pro government bias in science, corporate greed, governmental engineering of society, the health blame game, the carbon footprint blame game, the attempt to twist the vaping success story and control it, and much more, is like farting against thunder.