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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Wages of Sin Taxes - thank you Christopher Snowdon

Sometimes I read insightful stuff that makes admiration for the mind behind it overwhelm me.

A while back it was Sock Puppets which took me four days to read (43 pages). When I was finished reading, confirmation of my feeling "something was wrong with our UK Government" flooded in, and, that, yes, I was right, and what it was that was wrong, was clarified.

Today I have started The Wages of Sin Taxes - 64 pages - PDF - worth reading. It might take me another five days reading.  I hope, like Sock Puppets, we see the ideas in it filtering into the public consciousness. Or rather, government consciousness!

If you have time and inclination, this paper is well worth reading. Thank you Christopher Snowdon!

Lobby groups and sheeple  people.

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