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Monday, 17 February 2014

Hey EU "***###))))****"

I felt really good today - I regularly get letters on my YouTube Channel and also on Facebook thanking me for my videos.  I have posted videos since I started vaping full time from about September 2011. The first video was an accident. I was making a video for a friend and the part I got enthusiastic in, was the part I was telling her about vaping. I thought I should make a new account and choose a name and upload that bit to You Tube. So I chose "Vapingpoint" which seemed an OK name and kept my anonymity, and in those days, you had to name your channel. I asked myself who was I talking to - well it seemed I would be talking to old people like me. I called my channel "Vaping for the over sixties". The first video, the snippet, got 12 views. I was astonished.

I made a second one. That got 24 views. I was more astonished.

I made another. Vaping was such a life changing event for me, a smoker of fifty years, that I was overflowing with enthusiasm for it. I wanted to share my miracle.

So that's how it all started.

Since then, I have had hundreds and hundreds of letters of thanks, and comments on my videos. In all that time, I have only received one comment that I deleted. It said "***###))))****". Well, I checked the poster's channel and discovered the discussion on his videos by adolescent friends were all very similar in language and style. But I don't talk like that, so it really was out of place.

Lots of my mail is from YOUNG people, who shamefacedly admit they are not "over sixties" but they watch my videos never the less. 

Some vendors have asked me to "review" their products. I'm not a reviewer! I don't do it well. I'm just having fun doing my own thing which I try to keep simple. There are no fanfare intros or Titles and no credits - they would feel grandiose to me. I just go straight in to ME with a few captions. I am not grand. Lots of my videos show dirty fingernails from the garden, or sticking plasters on bruises from the same. My hair mostly looks dreadful, because I make  a video when the idea comes to me that I should. I like the fun of a silly hat or something like that.

For me, I have had the greatest fun and the greatest acknowledgement from my YouTube channel.

But today I got such a lovely letter via Facebook that I'm going to share it here. 

Thank you so much for making your videos ..I have learned so much and enjoyed them. I am a grandmother...and smoked for over 34 years ..and like you I enjoyed smoking very much..and found this (vaping) when I was out of town and tried it ..have not picked up a real one since. I don't know how to twitter..but saw you on here and just wanted to say thank you. Where I am at in the mid west corn and bean land ..they have not seen this (vaping) much and think its something strange..was so happy to find your videos on you tube when I first started I have my best friend,my aunt,my daughter,her husband and my best friends son all vaping and they are non smokers also now.

Now that's really gratifying don't you think?!

Trouble is, my very recent videos are beginning to lose their first delight. I am older and wiser now. There is a sense of inner disbelief that my wonderful life-changing discovery of vaping might be threatened by a whole lot of interfering busy bodies that might clobber the whole thing into a misshapen medical travesty instead of absolute joy. I have something I want to say to them.



  1. You're awesome!!! I just turned 40, but the AARP is already hounding me, so I guess I'm an "older vaper" haha. I love your videos.

    1. So you are "allowed" to watch my videos! Ha ha Thanks for your comment.