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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What can we do? Article 18 in a split vote - and still we lost! Support EFVI now please.

Ooooo noooo! Article 18 was voted on in a split vote - and still we lost! I wonder by how much? I shall have to watch Vapourtrails TV.

There is more urgency now to support EFVI. (click on the banner below). The quicker the million supports with SEVEN (EU) countries reaching target, the quicker the hearing. Please support now. UK is shamefully slow! Today there are only 2324 supports .

Figures about the European member states: LIVE DATA HERE

United Kingdom (60,440,000 Population),
of them smokers: 30%,
87% households with internet access,
Capital London (7,400,000 Population),
54,750 signatures necessary,
2,324 collected signatures since 13/01/2014!

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