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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pulling up my socks

I had a weird experience yesterday in which I reminded myself to stay in control of my mind.

I'm really getting old?

Clean socks on feet with my normal walking shoes and Hubby and I and dog walked uptown. I wasn't comfortable. Socks seemed to be bunched under the sole of my right foot. Shopping done ( very mingy small bone for the dog - butcher not in a generous mood at all) and laden with other parcels, we made our way home.

Socks really felt bunched and pokey under the ball of my foot like I was walking on a sharp pebble.  I decided I must have developed a "foot condition" so I looked it up on the Oracle (Internet). It's called Metatarsalgia. I have dropped metarsals in by feet because of wearing very very high heels all my life so I wasn't surprised. After that self diagnosis, I was so busy, I simply hobbled around for the rest of the day until bed time.

Shoes off, socks off - what a relief - and something dropped onto the carpet off the sole of my foot. I picked it up. It looked like a plastic disk - from a button? - a teddy Bear's eye? - with a sharp spike sicking out of the middle of it. Problem discovered!

I find it extraordinary that I didn't think to look inside my sock for the problem rather than thinking it was a new "medical" condition developing in me.

But I do know the cause of my thinking. I am healthy, strong and energetically optimistic after smoking for 50 years and drinking hard when I was younger. I take no medication, have no medical "conditions" at all and seldom see a doctor. Most people I know in my age group have got loads wrong with them, take medications by the dozens for this that and another thing - and a lot of them, unlike me,  have been "good" all their lives. so I am expecting to get something sometime  - how sad is that?

Vaping has made me feel more confident about my health and I feel good about it. But I have to go on feeling well rather than expecting doom and gloom. Pull up your socks woman (but check them first!) and be positive.