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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Reporting back to Niagara, and everyone else - job done!

Do you remember Oo oo I found my stash, should I roll myself one?

I got lots of advice on that one "Chuck it", "Smoke it", "Toss it", "Dump it" "Uh uh" - Even a reply to the post from 

"Go directly to trash bin now, do not stop for vape, do not stop to answer tele. Do not smell or touch said items. Report back on success of mission!"

I am now reporting back.

I rolled a ciggie and wondered if a puff or two would taste good. but fate was on my side. we had a family emergency and the little ciggie stayed next to my bed, unnoticed by me in all the chaos following, until this morning.  This morning I "did" my house - usually only when visitors are coming. And I had a visitor today. So I was forced to try and look a bit less slovenly and tidy the place up. Without a second thought, I dumped the baccie, the rolling tin, the little ciggie, all the filters, the papers and the lighters into the rubbish bag with which I was touring the house.

Job done!