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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spreading the love

I met an old friend for coffee yesterday. We were laughing about the story I have already told here, about the night in the early days of my vaping when she and her husband came for a meal. I eulogised all evening about vaping to boredom point. I had a device that I'd dug out of the cupboard which I had used unsuccessfully in 2008. It was terrible - I told her dramatically"I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy" and demonstrated how bad it was and why. I showed her my new device which was technologically far superior and with which I was successfully using and not smoking with it. She looked very interested if not impressed. I saw a convert!  Just as they left, I grabbed the 2008 model and gave it to her in case it might be helpful. She reminded me yesterday!

She agreed it was terrible and I re-assured her she was not my worst enemy. And I promised to send her some really NICE stuff I have that I've grown out of.