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Monday, 4 February 2013

The serene vaper

I do like to keep on top of what is happening in my vaping life. I'm not a shopper, so new devices, new e liquids, reviews on vaping them, and the things that used to fascinate me , are not so interesting to me any more - I have the feeling of "been there, done that". I'm becoming like some vapers I know who are perfectly happy with the equipment they have, the flavours they use and how vaping has panned out for them. I used to think they should show more interest!

I'm quite conservative with "things" anyway - never buy much - hate shopping - sit in old chairs shaped to my bottom - sleep in old pyjamas, well washed and comfy - get the stuff I need off Freegle - give the stuff I don't need away on Freegle - will accept second-hand clothes - eat frugally - don't drink. I'm not a consumer. We repair things in our house - we are old stock. There's a real serenity in living like this.

The only things I have a lot of, are original art and computers (some of them original too!) can't throw my computer babies out somehow. They just get re-programmed by me to do specific jobs, like just offer loads of games for the grandchildren, or just movies, or just teaching, or just presentations. That way, I know they are set up and ready to go. Grandpa is my oldest laptop. He has a heart condition. When he overheats he needs resuscitation, so he stands on little pads at each corner to keep him cool underneath. I've never had a computer completely die on me. I've found a way to bring them back to life every time. 

I've become serene about my vaping. The less gear I have the better. My best device is all mechanical - they can cremate me with it (no batteries of course). Electronic things are not so reliable. I've had batteries do very strange things, and unlike my computers, you cannot bring them back to life - you have to throw them out! I even made a video called obituary for a battery. I'm not a happy consumer - just a happy conserver.

It's ideas that interest me now - following the history of vaping as it unfolds in the world around me. I read almost every blog I can get my hands on, newspaper articles, reports and follow the enemies and friends of vaping. I get mad. I get happy. I get hopeful. I get despondent. I am still fascinated - interested - but innerly serene. I know that long after I'm gone, there will still be vapers like me out there, fighting the good fight, or happy that it's been won.