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Friday, 5 April 2013

Dogging Tales:-Dogging might be easier in California than smoking

I thoroughly enjoyed Dogging Tales! I surprised myself. I thought it was clever, comical and very sad. The photography was brilliant. I loved the scenes linking the animal theme - the sheep eyes glowing in the dark, the deer, the foxes, the woodland wildlife. The bleak script. And the loneliness of it all.

According to Wonderful Wiki Dogging is quasi legal - ambiguously. What people do to themselves sexually, even if dangerous seems a non-discussed, non-legislated thing. All kinds of sexual practices are perfectly legal amongst consenting adults - some even cause injury on occasions Our sexuality is our business.

Our bodies belong to us.

California has new legislation up for the vote on 15th April I believe that intends to ban electronic cigarettes everywhere - they will fall under "tobacco" products. Even smoking should not be banned everywhere as it is attempting to do. Our bodies belong to us and not to the state. I hope someone in California is going to protest!

When we do not consent to sex and it happens nevertheless, we call it rape and it is illegal. Why can Governments get away with taking away our right to autonomy over our own bodies? In our free society, taking pleasure in sex is our human right. Taking pleasure from smoking has become a lonely guilty pleasure and in many places, even in the open air, we may not do it. If electronic cigarettes are labelled a tobacco product, as California is attempting to do, their use will be severely curtailed - everywhere! Dogging might be easier in California than smoking.

But the enemies of smoking and vaping bang on - and we allow them to violate us.

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