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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Numbers - Doll - vaping becomes imperative as tobacco becomes more deadly....

Numbers equal science. We know that if it is scientific it has numbers and statistics attached.

If you read old medical papers, studies have less numbers in them. Measuring everything in numbers and targets is a new phenomenon stimulated by the rise of "proper" science. Science used to be something a man did at his house, in his shed, in a backroom at work. He did it because he was interested in solving a puzzle. He did it through devotion.

Now science is done in Universities, funded by corporations, often as the student attempts to get his degree that entails writing a paper. His paper is a scientific study backed by the numbers convention of proving his postulation. Now, many postulations are proven because he is paid to prove them. I think science has become totally corrupt, especially the science linked to health.

In 1951Richard Doll started his doctor's study. He submitted reports in 1954, 1956 the 1970's This study lasted till 1991. It is full of numbers. It's true, numbers show us things. I think, of all the smoking and lung cancer studies, this one is stunning because of the time period and his dedication to it. He was devoted.

He noticed a strange thing. Smoking became MORE harmful to smokers in the last section of his studies. He says...."When current cigarette smokers were compared with lifelong non-smokers, the excess mortality associated with smoking was already substantial during 1951-71, but it was considerably more extreme during 1971-91. During 1951-71, the death rates in cigarette smokers were about double those in non-smokers throughout middle age; during 1971-91, the corresponding difference was nearly treble. If, as is likely, most of the difference in mortality between smokers and non-smokers is actually caused by smoking then a threefold excess would imply that about two thirds of the deaths in middle age among the smokers were caused by tobacco. Even at older ages the excess mortality associated with tobacco was substantially greater in 1971-91 than it was during 1951-71. This difference between the apparent effects of tobacco in the two periods arose because age specific mortality decreased substantially only among non-smokers."

But, he realises this is not logical and wonders why the improvement in healthcare did not affect also the smokers. There is some discussion about this strange fact - but I guess, that the warnings on Tobacco Packs became subliminal messages of death and made tobacco more dangerous.

Modern statistics record that smoking is more dangerous than the numbers Doll's Doctor's Study produced.

We are constantly being given visual images - medical porn - on what smoking does to us - and as we think - so it is.

I am not a smoker, but a vaper yet I believe that Plain Packaging and the medical violence of the visual images on it, deeply affects our minds. It is a criminal act on smokers by those who know not what they do. I think it is most important, but I seem to be a voice crying in the wilderness. My opinion is that the grotesque images on packs of cigarettes are so violent to the mind, that we severely affect our health by just looking at them. They take effect before even the cigarette has been lit!

If, in the future, there is some dedicated scientist who is devoted to exposing a great wrong, he could measure the effect of tobacco and lung cancer before and after the use of images on cigarette packs over the years.

I predict that those to whom the greatest harm will be done, is to the young people and the children who will grow up with nothing else but such abusive pictures in their minds, and to them tobacco will be deadly!

The only way to enjoy nicotine and  all the comradie, social pleasure and joy of "smoking" that I once had, is for me to be a vaper. I am a smoker who vapes only because I prefer vaping to smoking. But I have not forgotten my roots. I was treated unjustly. I was made to feel of the lowest class - a leper. I was mentally violated every time I opened a pouch of tobacco that told me it would kill me. I was relegated to outdoors, and then even that was taken away by law. Do you know of ANY group of humans so treated in a civilised country in Modern History? We were an expense to the State. We were milked in taxes and the profit was great. I will not forget. I am a human being. I am NOT a number. I am not a statistic, I have paid for every medical treatment I get. I have never harmed anyone by my smoking. The whiff of  Second Hand Smoke from me in the park will cause no harm. The harmful effects are measured by scientist's numbers over many many trillions of whiffs. and you won't be in them that long - not even in my car. You have been given the right to abuse me, to call me names, to not employ me, to suggest I am mentally ill, to invade my privacy, to judge me.

As a vaper I will remember my roots. I see the eyes of smoking enemies swiveling towards vapers. But, this time, it might be different. Vapers are ex-smokers. Remembering our roots might galvanise us into protecting our future because tobacco's modern deadly form, is not an option. Well, it's not for me.