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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Guardian taurus excretum (bullshit)

As every blogger knows, sometimes it turns out badly! This article Watch out e-cigarette smokers (sic) - you're inhaling the unknown by Tom Riddlington is a bad post. Even the title shows gross ignorance! Who smokes an e-cig? Not anyone I know.

The subtitle tells the reader that they are being targeted on the young. Mmmm? They are?

Not far along, this master of knowledge tells us we can buy e-cigs at newsagents but we should beware that "E-cigarettes may look legitimate, but they haven't been through the same stringent safety checks as medicated nicotine replacement therapies" and I say they ARE legitimate! They are a legitimate substitute for smoking. They are not medicated nicotine replacement therapies are they? Well I use my devices as a substitute for smoking. I don't know about you.

I got a bit wound up when this Doctor muses about recommending them to his patients - "Hardened smokers trying to quit are using them like prescription drugs, but they don't have any of the same safeguards. E-cigarettes are masquerading as medications – so let's subject them to the same scrutiny." Well, my vaping does not masquerade as a prescription drug - it masquerades as a cigarette. I do not take any prescription drugs at all because a lot of them are highly dangerous.

He goes on - "A quick search of medical journal archives reveals about 200 references to electronic cigarettes over the past five years." yet he gives not one link in his article to any place from whence he got his facts, most of them outdated or questionable.

By the time we get here - "Although I strongly encourage smokers to quit, I'm not comfortable advocating an unregulated, unlicensed consumer product that is marketing itself as a medicine." I am just about popping! Don't you feel your hackles rising? Ever seen an e-cig marketed as a "medicine"?

Every blog should have a good last paragraph. Here it is - "e-cigarettes should be considered a snake-oil gimmick that could get a new generation hooked on nicotine before their first smoke"

Aaaah yes.