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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Listen in on Ravengrim's Anti Nanny broadcast tomorrow night - I'm on - live!

Tomorrow night at eleven pm, UK time, I'm on Ravengrim's show Anti Nanny on Vaper's Place in the USA - live!

Here's the link for Vapers Place.

Here is the soundcloud link for past episodes.

This will be by third time on Vaper's Place. But the last time with Jan was a real hoot. I wrote a blog on it.

I'm looking forwarded to it. It couldn't be more chaotic than last time.....

My published blog about being live on air follows.

"Last night I was on "live", on radio - with ravengrim


Fortunately there was no video.

ETA 11:00pm for a skype call.

So, up to bed, into PJ's, and snuggle in under the blankies with netbook, hubby and dog - very cosy - ready for action.  Outside, the (usual) pouring rain thrumming against the window glass. All preparations are made - a glass of water, PV's at hand - in different flavours - coffee, absinth and personal mix.

Right on cue, as skype is calling, our large ginger tom makes a dramatic entry through the door, and up onto the bed, dripping water everywhere and carrying an LWO (a large wriggling object) - pandemonium ensues and skype is calling - earlier than I expect. So I detach the toffee I am chewing and lay it, unfinished next to me on the bedside table.

Remembering the strange sounds I made in the last live broadcast with Kevin, loud clomping that turned out to be me putting my PV's down deafeningly on the wooden table next to the computer's microphone, I am set up to be quiet this time.

Husband is dealing with the cat as countdown begins - ssshhh, ssshh - no clomping please. I manage to get my headphones on at 3-2-1 - GO! The intro music is so loud in my head I nearly pass out with fright. I fling my arms out onto the bedside table to steady myself and adjust the volume to bearable. Somehow the chewed toffee gets stuck on the inside of my arm above my elbow and has to be removed. But this is a velcro toffee. It attaches itself to various places. So now I try to wipe toffee off with no assistance except spit and fingers. Toffee spreads. Sticky, sticky, yeuch!

I remember the facewipes in the drawer. I remember the clomping in the previous show - no clomping. I try to do everything frightfully quietly. Open the drawer get out the  facewipes, remove one from the crackly plastic cover, talk, wipe, arms, legs, face and fingers where toffee sticky has now spread. Talking, talking, wiping wiping.

Thank God for Ravengrim's calm voice, carrying on, keeping the hysteria at bay. The hysteria is not panic or stress, but the impulse to laugh myself breathless and - speechless., which is what happens to me when I find something really really funny. But we are talking about serious things and I am trying to keep my mind on the topic and - more - not make a fool of myself.

Things settle, for a time, Kensington Kenny calls - I can't remember when exactly. Was it before I choke on a sip of water taken to steady me up - or was it before or after I drop my computer on the floor? Can't remember now - I'll have to listen to the broadcast. Finally, I just unravel - Ravengrim keeps her head - thank you for that. I just want you to know  RG that last night was one of the funniest episodes of my life and I hope to retel it many times. Of course I will be speechless and breathless and rolling on the floor laughing!"