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Friday, 26 April 2013

Enthusiasm for vaping - Vapoteurs, is it for us or against us? I see it as STRENGTH.

I just watched this video

I thought it was great and agreed with everything that everyone said! But then, I'm a vaper.

On the Internet, there are thousands of videos explaining why vaping is great, or teaching, talking and explaining vaping. How can that be bad?

Well, they are anecdotal. Science only accepts that which has been "proven" in universities by "proper" science. When is science going to catch up with the times? If there are two million videos on how vaping has changed our lives for the better, it could be easy to find the ones on how vaping destroyed a life. I don't see those. Are there any?

Today I also just read this excellent piece
 At the bottom, there are a list of weaknesses in the study. One of them is that "1. As participants were recruited by social media, vaping forums and blogs, many participants are likely to be enthusiastic vapers which may lead to bias in subjective questions."

 So, our enthusiasm goes against us? 

Social media and science don't mix?  You mustn't ask the people who actually DO a thing about the thing they do, in case of bias. What would be the point of asking people who don't vape about vaping? Would that make better scientific sense? 

I see our enthusiasm as the biggest measurable fact that vaping is amazing and has changed our lives. To me that's scientific confirmation - of something immeasurable - like love - or hunger - or joy - conditions of experience where science has no power yet cannot deny its existence
Be enthusiastic vapoteurs - it's our big, BIG, BIG strength.