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Friday, 25 October 2013

Ah! A party? using my new stuff then..

In our house, we've been somewhat down in the dumps - heart attack blues one could call them. The doctor says "take up your lives again - have fun."

We've been invited to a party on Sunday - well a "Soiree" actually, I hope it will be fun.

I just got a delivery from USA. Some people wouldn't be excited by it. I had to pay VAT before I could get it which everyone should know if they get stuff from America. But for this delivery, I had to order from USA because it's been commissioned from there! I'm sure some of the Eigate BDC Aspire tanks they also sell - are available in the UK, but that is not what I wanted. I'm not into stuff like that - well not for everyday use. I haven't used dual coil anything for yonks. But, just by accident I have a tank right now that is. It gobbles up e liquid at lightening speed. I am not a big vapour maker vaper. I just want a good throat hit and some vapour. I admit, the tank I'm using makes impressive vapour - but there is no one around me that would be impressed by that.

No - I ordered what I currently think is the best little battery and the best little tank I've ever tried. It's slim, it's light, it's black and it even has a wretched blue light on the end. But years ago I solved that problem by simply painting over the end with thick silver nail varnish. Permanent marker in black, applied over the silver makes it neat mean black machine. But it's the tiny tank that's fantastic. And that's what I ordered most of. They are like nothing I can find on the Internet in the UK or even in China where they are made by Kanger - Place of Origin: CN;GUA. They last forever, give a really excellent throat hit and the tiny amount of e liquid in them, gives me as much pleasure and lasts far longer than my massive dual coil vapour maker.

I have very simple tastes!

So I'm looking forward to the soiree on Sunday evening - just what we could do with - just what the doctor ordered in fact - and also an opportunity for discreet (but not stealth) vaping on a very elegant device!


  1. Aw, please do share the link/name of the device.


  2. I like the nail varnish and permanent marker thing you did. Neat little trick- maybe I'll give it a try too! Nice post, as always, Liz!