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Friday, 4 October 2013

She's no witch - she's a B****!

I came back from town feeling really cross. We had to call where my husband used to work (about a four man business). They had a new employee upstairs in packing. He was telling hubby about vaping and how he wants to switch. Hubby tells him I promote vaping and gives him my Video Channel . So the boss comes to the car where I am sitting and asks me to tell her about vaping. I do. Somewhere along the line I asked if "Tom" (the new employee) gets a smoke break. So the Boss, knowing full well he smokes says "I won't allow him a smoke break. I'm a witch." and laughs. Then she says "He's just asked to go out to buy cat food. I know he's going to have a smoke."

Instant dislike fills my heart. Fancy making a grown man have to lie and laughing about it as if it's "fun". Witch? No. Bitch? Yes.

I then explain that anti smoking law has gone too far and that it is now insane to prohibit people smoking outdoors, and that it's obviously nothing to do with health, but a lot to do with control and vicious persecution. I explain that businesses are even entering into a deeper madness by forbidding their employees to vape even though it is harmless and much safer than smoking. I rant, to be honest.

I hope "Tom" switches to vaping. At least he could take a stealthy drag, or vape in the loo.. Or maybe he should just switch jobs. That would leave the witch control freak bubbling around in her own stew!

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