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Monday, 21 October 2013

Anti tobacco needs reining in otherwise "Smokefree" becomes "Vapefree"

We have a smoking substitute!

Who in the Tobacco Control Industry could ever have imagined that smoking was so loved by people that our ingenuity could produce a satisfying substitute and our love affair with the act of smoking could go on? And our source of pleasure would continue despite their world putsch to eradicate smoking completely from the human psyche?

Oh they must be hating, simply hating the idea that smoking and smoking in the new form - vaping - will continue hand in hand way into future history. I am sure, in the early days, when Public Health first turned it's attention on the very real damage that smoking tobacco with poisonous additives was doing to people, the concern for our health was their first impulse. At that point, they could have taken the decision to educate smokers about the dangers of their habit. After that, their moral obligation was over. But unfortunately, they morphed into the monster they are now. They entered a sinful pact with Tobacco Control and Anti Tobacco ideology that would stoop to any activity, immoral, deceitful, criminal even, to promote their cause. Smokers were purposefully turned into a class of people to be outcast, ignored, and prohibited.

Vaping is the new smoking. Even worse for Anti Tobacco, vaping can occur where smoking is not appropriate, or prohibited.  And worse still, it can substitute for smoking to get around the smoking bans  by those smokers who have no intention of quitting. Electrofags simply pacify till they can have a real one.

That must be the biggest horror of all.

I predict that the smoking ban(s) are the next hurdle for vapers. Already the insanity of the anti smoking ideology is making itself shown. And, I point out that smoking in Britain is legal in the open air.

I don't know how the criminality of Tobacco Control can ever be exposed to a public so vitiated by implanted anti smoking ideas, that they believe they are on the side of "good". The media, politicians, medical establishments and academia have accepted the sinful pact between Public Health and purposeful social manipulation without a whimper. No one questions the morality of nocebos on cigarette packs, or the morality of purposefully turning citizens against each other because of smoking, or the morality of persecuting a minority group, not by their colour, creed or sexual tastes, but because they smoke - and now, vape.

This small blog travels nowhere that can change society on a scale that is needed. What is needed is a message to ordinary people, who are unaware, of how they have been twisted to believe what they do by deliberate manipulation. Ordinary people need to get the knowledge of how devious and deceitful anti tobacco has been and is. How their own taxes are used to denormalise what to millions is perfectly normal. How heart, cancer and other charities use the money they donate, not in kindness and research, but in anti smoker hate. That smoking bans that are in force now are actually nothing to do with anyones' health. That smokers cost them nothing. That their fear of SHS has been specially implanted in them. And that the smoking ban(s) have caused misery to millions of people and that it is time for everyone to accept that people DO smoke and vape. And there's nothing abnormal in that.

Maybe one day, vaping will supercede smoking, who knows?  But if vaping falls victim to the smoking ban(s) that are enforced now - simply spiteful rather than necessary -  many smokers may feel they might as well simply go on smoking. E cig vendors could find their sales falling not rising!

"Smokefree" regulations imposed on us in places where it is actually legal to smoke, are there to denormalise smoking and not for anyone's health. In fact the whole UK "Smokefree" smoking ban needs to be re-assessed. Without some speedy action on our part, they might just become "Vapefree" too.


  1. Spot on, this is why we are seeing pathetic stuff like this.

    Modern Britain would have surrendered after the first 10 minutes of the Blitz.

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  3. "This small blog travels nowhere that can change society on a scale that is needed"

    Do not under estimate your contribution to the debate.

    (reposted as not sure what happened to my original comment)

    1. Yes, thank you. I got notified of the first one, but now it tells me "The author deleted it"! Nevermind. Thanks for re-posting.I like to think a river is made of tiny drops - but I'm under no illusion that I'm not the river - just the drop!