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Thursday, 24 October 2013

The vaping bans - life with the smokers

As I have been foretelling, our biggest problem in the future - the VERY NEAR future - i.e. - now, will be anti tobacco and its "smokefree" ideologists, lumping us into the smoking ban.

Town hall ban on staff using e-cigarettes in public view

Manchester Evening News-19 Oct 2013
Salford council has banned staff from using the devices – which taste and feel like cigarettes without the tar – close to any of its buildings.

London restaurants consider E-Cigarette ban

ITV News-22 Oct 2013
... want diners to go outside if they want to puff on electronic cigarettes. ... it happened for the first time quite recently, because [the e-cigarette..
The smoking ban itself needs to be re-assessed, which was what smokers were promised, but which did not materialise as the Government fell deeper and deeper into the anti-smoking pit.  And as smokers have progressively been made invisible even though there are millions of them in the UK.

The smoking ban has always offended me. I see it as an act of vengeance rather than anything to do with public health (not Public Health). Public Health is a body that is used to promote the anti smoking ideology.

Millions of people smoke despite years of persecution. And I consider myself a smoker. I haven't actually smoked a cigarette for over two years, but I think like a smoker and the smoking ban turned me into a recluse like so many other people my age. I remain an angry smoker.

So now that I am a 50 year habit smoker who vapes, I point out that I am old and wise - and healthy! My wisdom tells me us vapers are in for a hard time. Everyone else considers us to be smokers and therefore the smoking ban must be applied to us too.

I'm not bloody having that happen AGAIN! I feel, as a smoker who vapes, that the smoking ban needs to be re-assessed. And as a vaper, it really does need to be re-assessd. By banning vaping as has suddenly started happening all over the place, it exposes to me that the smoking ban has been a kind of insanity that has gripped the nation  and the world. 

The smoking ban was put in place to make life as awkward as hell for smokers so they would desist from smoking. And have they? Hell no. They just carry on smoking. Some have switched to vapng like me, or (worse! in the anti's eyes) they dual use.

I don't mind if people smoke or vape - there are millions of smokers and vapers. I will be voting for the party that restructures the smoking ban sanely in favour of public health, and not insanely in favour of an ideology that has perverted society into blind and deaf intolerance.


  1. I too, am anry as hell! I am also tired of the VAMPIRES (as I call them) the people who take control over everyone because they want it there way(and some how get it). People need to stand up and fight this problem. Crap! start yelling WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!! Band together, lets get this thing done.

    1. Its how to get vapers that are anti smoking working with smokers and smokers who are anti vapers working with vapers. That's a problem.

  2. "I'm not bloody having that happen AGAIN!"

    Neither am I Liz.