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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Well done lovely vapoteurs! My blog will be temporarily suspended so celebrate for me too please!

Wow! Democracy works - if you WORK at it. Thank you everyone for all the hard work and constant slogging away at being actvists. Our work is not over. We will have to turn our attention to the MHRA if they persist in being idiots.

I am feeling REALLY GOOD!  Party people, party!

But I am not feeling personally so good. My husband had a heart attack on Sunday night and is now in the safest place - hospital - still alive and ok'ish. My life has been frenetic (and me not being very well either with play-school-tonsillitis) so I am hoping everyone will party on in our triumph. I will be watching from the side. But I'm taking a break from this blog until we all get sorted out!

Blessings lovely vapoteurs! Well done! (You can expect your cheques in the post from whoever it is who pays you for AstroTurfing!!!!!) Ha ha. Silly Linda!