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Thursday, 19 December 2013

A history lesson for vapers Part One - The dissolution is upon us

Monks living in their Monasteries in the 1500's in England, the most powerful land owners of all, could not get their heads round the unbelievable threat that the King (Henry V111 of the many wives fame) was a greedy old sod and would simply, by law, take all their Monasteries away from them. It was SO unimaginable that when the King's armies galloped up to do the filthy deed of burning, plundering and pillaging, the monks were still painting and decorating (so to speak) as if nothing untoward was occurring.

The greedy sods of today, just as powerful as any King, are the big Corporations who wish to plunder e cigs. Their courtiers are the arse creeping do-gooders of Public Health, as bowing, scraping and obsequious as any courtiers of any Kingdom. Electronic cigarette users are still painting and decorating like the Monks of old, as they delight in the discovery of this wonderful thing we call vaping. It's so good, so health bringing, so life changing, it is impossible to imagine anyone destroying it. It is unimaginable that anything untoward can happen to us.

Where I live, the ruins of the once exquisite monasteries plundered during the Dissolution lie all around. When you see them, you wonder how the people of England could just let it happen. To destroy such magnificent buildings was a terrible crime against future generations. In the face of such power and brutality, ordinary human hearts become discouraged. No one resisted.

The dissolution of vaping as we know it is upon us. We can see what the greedy King desires to do against us. We must not while away our days simply praising vaping and calling others to vaping prayers. We have a duty to protect vaping for the future generations of humans who wish to "smoke" as safely as technically possible.We must not be discouraged by the brutality of The King.

The King is a greedy sod. Yet some of his citizens are awake and aware! If you wish to catch up with what The King plans, please watch "The day after tomorrow". And take heart - the best is at the end - in the third "half" as Dave Dorn calls it.