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Friday, 20 December 2013

A history lesson for vapers Part Two - the Reformation begins

In the 1500's The Church (Catholic) was mighty powerful and wealthy. What The Church said in their Dogma and Creed was what was true and unarguable. Anyone questioning The Church was a Heretic. The Church did nasty things to Heretics. To make Heretics recant (go back on their words) they were tortured, ex-communicated and even burnt at the stake. All Kings belonged to The Church. In yesterday's lesson, you remember the old greedy sod Henry V111 dissolved the Monasteries in England and stole all their goodies. Well, his roving eye for the ladies caused great arguments with The Church who said he couldn't get married as he was actually already married. So he DIY'd by leaving it and making his own Church(The Church of England). People were questioning what The Church taught all over Europe. They wanted it changed and Reformed from all its corruption.

One could equate The Church with the overriding belief system of the day. Nowadays, The Church is Science. Today, we are controlled in every way by Science and Scientific Evidence. Any Science Heretic is as swiftly punished as they were before the Reformation. Science is as corrupt as The Church ever was. It can be used to engineer people to do things with Evidence that is twisted, slewed, cherry picked or manipulated to "prove" that certain ideologies are right.The Kings (Corporations remember) use Science a lot. They manipulate their fawning courtiers (Governments and their workers) to produce repressive laws that favour THEM. 

We are going to have a Reformation of Science. Already people are speaking out against the false results dished up by Science and its corrupt Peer Review system (aka Reviews for Chums). See Bad Science. Science is as brutal as The Church ever was in its control of people. The smoking ban ideology that has collapsed the economy and caused misery to millions in the UK has been built on a lie produced by Science - see Forbes

And Science is being particularly exposed for the false god it is when laws like the ecig ban in New York - in PARKS! ffs! are passed. Real Science is a thinking tool. The Church of Science is a tool (like a gun) of force.

How our new Church is being used by The King Corporations with their subservient Governmental side kicks to Dissolve the Ancient Pleasure of smoking in its new form of vaping, has been very interesting to watch. It is so insane that it forces thinking people to question The Church of Science in every way. The Reformation is on its way! And we must help it. How? Well, that is the topic of my next post on RESISTANCE.