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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Season's Greetings Vapoteurs - Strength for 2014 - may we find vaping heaven

I am not a high profile activist, nether do I have zillions of followers, influence or clout. I have views that, in my blogs, probably jar with those of main stream vapers. I am aware I am seditious as I am writing my ideas and suspect that people might not want to hear my views at all, but it keeps me healthy! I have always been a misfit. At meetings, I am a nightmare and I have been unemployable for most of my life, because I always know better than the boss. So I have had to be an entrepreneur - a loner - and a rebel. The over-view is always easier to see than nit-picky details for lazy people. I am a lazy person.

I enjoy feeling passionate. It makes me feel alive. Yet my adamantcy and strong speech is a persona that covers a serene core. I know that in the great cycles of time, all is well and all will be well. I used to have a blog called Peacepoint but I took it down because it was full of complaints, gripes and moans - not at all peaceful - and transferred it to my blog Life on an Alien Planet. I really DO feel I live on an Alien Planet sometimes. Everyone ELSE! is the Alien.

Often Life on an Alien Planet is about vaping too.

Most of my life is about vaping - enjoying it  usually - it is the uppermost thing in my mind since I first started. My husband deserves a medal for putting up with it. Thank you husband.

Thank you all who read my blog(s), who have communicated with me in many different ways. I wish you endurance in our struggles to keep vaping out of the hands of the insane and hope all changes to our lives are for the better. 2014 is going to be an interesting year. I don't know about you, but I want my vaping heaven back!
I uploaded my Christmassy video to You Tube - Vaping for the over sixties channel that many under sixties watch. I get letters from new vapers - many letters, telling me I have inspired them. I find that gratifying seeing the whole channel was a complete accident. Most of my viewers are from Canada and the USA. They like my "English accent" - !  The channel is about my own journey with vaping. I try not to be political. But now and again I am. 

My Chrismassy video was really to alert those vapers who follow my channel still living in vaper-heaven, that all is not well. I have tried to put useful links under the video so people can research if they wish, and, of course it has a UK bias.

BE ACTIVE! Useful Links for the United Kingdom


Best wishes to all!